Want to chime in? Nutrition Facts. I also asked for a small side cup of hummus, and they even threw in a warm pita to go with it even though I didn't request it. 10% Saturated Fat 2g Trans Fat 0g. We split the plain hummus as an app, and it was some of the best hummus I'd ever had! Other favorites of mine include their nachos, mixed beans, lentils and rice, and their garlic new potatoes. "I think next time I'm here I'll just stick with the hummus and a lemonade, and save myself some money! Beware of the kalamata olives, they're not pitted, so don't break a tooth! The flavor was excellent, not overpowered by either the lemon, garlic, or the tahini. A local Phoenix chain, Pita Jungle has started to branch out to southern California, and I just wish they would make their way east to Chicago. side. 1 side = 285g. Too sweet. The pita wrap came with a side of tzatziki sauce which was very good, though I think it could've used a little more garlic. This was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Phoenix, and one that I make sure to visit whenever I return. I know one variety had chicken, onion, a pineapple-mango relish, and cilantro, and I think the others had steak and pickled red onions, among other things. Alongside the burger were some of those heady garlic new potatoes.My mom ordered the Gyro and I watched in amazement as my five foot nothing, whisper of a mom ate the whole humongous thing.I am a big fan of Pita Jungle. I got the cilantro jalapeño hummus, Mediterranean chicken salad, and the garlic new potatoes side. Today, I ordered a gyro with a side of the garlic new potatoes. All other dine-in experiences have been alright. We each ordered the iced tea to drink, and were served a passion fruit-flavored tea that I thought was very good, but beware if you're a fan of regular, plain iced tea and think that's what you're ordering (Adam Carolla would have been pissed). Many menu items are vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, many others can be easily modified. He seemed as if he'd just woken up from a nap and seemed a bit confused at times, though his demeanor improved steadily through the course of our meal. Tofu can be substituted for all chicken and fish dishes. Calories % Daily Value* 29%. It was just, "ok, I'll eat this. Sodium 480mg. Blah, nothing special. It's an Arizona treasure. I know for sure they wouldn't serve those potatoes to anyone dining in the restaurant. Want to chime in. Submit corrections. The small order of hummus came with one pita, which we split, but we still had quite a bit of hummus left over. Total Fat 19g. If interested in something lighter, try their Caribbean salad, which is a salad of fresh fruit topped with coconut and strawberry dressing. Menu may not be up to date. Protein 6g. Many menu items are vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, many others can be easily modified. Please ask your server. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Pita Jungle Garlic New Potatoes. VERY fast service, which was almost startlingly fast, though super friendly. It was just as tasty as I remembered, though the lavosh bread was not quite as grilled as the first time I ordered it. The wood fired Pesto Pizza wasn't my idea of pizza at all.Nothing was BAD, but nothing was OMG GOOD. The potatoes were once again excellent, and the pita club was just as large as the lavosh wrap. I had to walk around my hotel to find both I could use to eat. Dietary Fiber 5g Sugars 4g. Garlic New Potatoes Calories. Order it with extra pitas because you'll need them!But every time I browse the entrees, I'm at a loss. I included in my "additional… Their falafel and classic hummus are both very good, but my favorites are located in the "Healthy Burgers" section of the menu. Tofu can be substituted for all chicken and fish dishes. Yes, it's a burger, but it still felt semi-healthy as there was basically a salad inside the burger, which was dressed in a tasty, lemony vinaigrette. It seems like it's always something when ordering for takeout, so I'm  just not doing it anymore. 18%. I keep trying new things, but haven't found one dish worth getting again.I've tried the Veggie Garden Wrap. I had to walk around my hotel to find both I could use to eat. Total Carbohydrate 50g. I took half to go as I was quite full from the first half and the salad, and the hummus to boot. 6 g. Protein. I'd never been before, but I had heard very good things -- I had high hopes and they were about 99% satisfied. Nutrition Facts. I'm glad there's a place in my neighborhood that has such fresh, tasty, healthy food choices! I'm from Tucson and recently discovered Pita Jungle after they opened a location there. The potatoes were burnt. Very smooth and creamy, which I prefer over some restaurant versions which retain some of their chunky/grainy texture. Serving Size: 1 serving (31g) Amount Per Serving. Fat. The decor of their Valley locations is a good balance of fashionable and relaxed. The Veggie "Burger" on 12-grain bread fell apart, and the garlic new potatoes were dried out. BUT, the times I've placed orders for pickup have been horrible. The wrap was very tasty, with crispy grilled lavosh bread and lots of good veggies. I'm the kind of person that once I find something I like, I will always order the same thing.I love the hummus here. 21%. My friend and I showed up shortly after noon on a Saturday and the place was moderately crowded, though we were seated right away. 45. Please ask your server. I ordered using ubereats, and while the food was pretty good, they forgot to give me utensils and napkins. Still good though!I got an order to-go again today, and decided to go with the California Beach Club, subbing grilled chicken for the usual turkey, an order of the potatoes, and an iced chai latte. Perfectly smooth and light with the right amount of garlic and lemon. For my main dish, I had the Turkey Pesto Lavosh Wrap, and my friend had one of the daily specials, which was 4 mini pita bread tacos (Pacos!). I'm so glad I moved to this part of town where you're just down the street from me!My first visit was last weekend, when I was meeting a friend for lunch and suggested Pita Jungle. My wrap was absolutely gigantic, and it came with a side Greek salad which was great. I've only had one bad experience when dining in, so I figured it was just a onetime thing. I was visiting family in Tempe and was happy to discover there was a Pita Jungle close by.I cannot visit PJ without ordering the Cilantro-Jalapeño Hummus, either as an appetizer or, sometimes, as a meal. It makes for an enjoyable dish during those hot Phoenix summers. 2 g. Carbs. The garlic couldn't even take away from how burnt they were. Garlic New Potatoes at Pita Jungle "I ordered using ubereats, and while the food was pretty good, they forgot to give me utensils and napkins. Cholesterol 0mg. Everything was great except for the potatoes--a little on the bland side. 0%. Their veggie burger is excellent, but their chipotle black bean burger is sheer joy, striking a nice balance between spicy and sweet with the inclusion of dried cranberries. Roasted Garlic and Portobello Lavash Pizza.