Mace v Hammer v Sword, Tanks! share. The Quarterstaff +3 is also better but it's 2-handed. Which tank weapon is best suited for which situations? I went in with great hammer and currently use it as my primary weapon, but it seems a lot of people continue to push toward me heavy mace is just that much better overall. Looking for an objective comparison of the pros and cons for Hammer, Mace and Sword(the taunting tank weapons) 8 comments. Tire slams are the ultimate functional strength & conditioning exercise - … The Staffmace +2 is slightly better, but you get it late, and I don't know whether it takes a Staff or Mace proficiency. I'm talking large scale, small scale, solo, pvp and pve. Great Hammer vs Great Mace (tanking) I'm struggling over here with my decision. save. Here we will go over the benefits of tire slams and why a steel mace is the best tool. I'm currently making a draft to take on the black monolith and I have a hedge knight and a swordmaster who make exceptional battleforged 2 hander units, however i'm stuggling to choose a mace or a hammer for the armour piecing and debuffing power I get a lot of enemies have steel brow but the strike down ability on the 2h mace makes it almost worthwhile to stun an enemy for 2 turns. Or find … « Reply #7 on: April 23, 2011, 03:00:52 am » In arena testing, hammers appear better can openers while being even worse against unarmoured foes. So, hammers. hide. hammer & mace vs other weapons There are numerous traditional sets to teach War Hammers interaction with other weapons. Re: Mace vs. Warhammer? Hammer Vs Mace & Shield Full speed, full strength, full contact Black Raven Mercenaries Many schools only spar with like weapons when in actuality most fights are mismatched, and some of these pairings are legendary such as Hammer vs Sword. You can do it with a greathammer and maybe a 1h mace, but your better bet is to use a different weapon, get that to 100 and use the fame credits to level the hammer/mace. sound off! Steel Mace vs Sledgehammer - We often get asked, “Can you use a steel mace for tire slams?” The short answer is yes. The long answer explains why. But to answer the question, they're about the same for most of the game, but I'd take Mace because there's a Mace+2 later on.