These basic survival skills can also be bolstered by the inclusion of a safety plan and an escape plan that stipulates what needs to be done when issues like this arise. Home invasions are much rarer than your run of the mill home robbery, and it is not always the case that the main driving force behind a home invasion is to steal an individual’s property. It was designed for screws fixing upwards, so I also bought some L section steel. Another tip that will help you prevent a home invasion is to combine multiple security deterrents that allow you to effectively combat any threats that are thrown your way. Your first course of action after initiating the escape plan with your code word should be to go immediately to your designated safe room. The security buffers that you employ should be meant to seal any cracks that exist in your security. In theory, this concept is very similar to making your home unappealing to the regular neighborhood burglar. Knowing the best way to efficiently contact the authorities will come in handy and will help homeowners safely navigate the situation. Examples of some of the more passive and indirect self-defense tools are mechanisms like alarm systems that serve to alert homeowners while simultaneously distracting home invaders, which temporarily gives the homeowner the upper hand. Using security cameras with remote access capabilities will let you check in on your home even when you are away. Effective Security, Traps & Alarms for Your Home, How To Fortify Your Home Against Any Attack, What Preppers Need To Know About Real Estate, Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in a Blackout – Spy Briefing,, How To Store Flour, Sugar And Rice For Survival, 12+ Foods in Your Pantry that Can Poison You, Keeping Your Guns At The Ready - Do’s And Don’ts, Top 6 Survival Rifles And Why You Need One. A layered security mechanism makes will make it much harder for home invaders to victimize you and put you in a life-threatening position. Essentially, homeowners should approach this process as if they are attempting to fortify their homes for the end of days, and this takes a lot of work, as well as self-critique. We were on holidays in Tasmania & the unit we rented had me intrigued. Home Exterior. In a nutshell, a home invasion means that your home will be invaded. Systems you can purchase and have installed directly into your home. It’s very important to remember Murphy’s law that states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” A “take the odds” mentality can only get you so far before you become another “unlikely” statistic. Home security is serious business. Having your guns under your bed may cause you a problem if your intruder is at the bedroom door. 1. The dangers that homeowners face from home invasions should not be taken lightly, it should also be noted that the court of law handles home invasions much more harshly than burglaries, which might give homeowners some insight into the apparent dangers they face. We understand that this can be expensive, but having some kind of home security system is the #1 way to deter criminals from coming anywhere near your property.Even if you can’t afford one of the more … I got two of the L shaped ones & asked the metal shop to spot weld them back to back to make a T shape. Our tiler stated that he would collect the shipping ply from some of his suppliers & use that in his house (free ply) because he had to redo his bathroom because of some wall movement had caused cracking. While every home and situation will be unique, there are some general steps that we can all take to protect our residences. You’re sitting at home watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ (remember the one where Homer started his own religion…oh never-mind) and there’s a knock at your front door. We got them to screw the plywood at close intervals & fit “cyclone bolts” that hold down the walls to the interior walls as well so that our bathroom is also a cyclone storm refuge. A home invasion is defined as the use of forcible entry to gain unauthorized access to a home. The point is that most home invaders are not going to stand outside in front of your house, meditate for an hour, weigh all the options, and then make a decision. Before even thinking about fending off a home invader, however, you need to be thinking about actually escaping the premises so there’s no risk of possibly endangering you or your loved ones. 1. Some of the dangers posed by home invasions include loss and damage to property, the threat of physical harm, and the subsequent loss of the peace of mind that you experienced while being in your home. Furthermore, picking up a hobby like lockpicking might help you during a home invasion, especially if you are locked in a room, and the only way for you to escape is to circumvent a lock. Never allow yourself to be disarmed physically of spiritually ALWAYS seek His face, Hear His voice and Obey His will, His will involves prudence: knowing what to do like the men of Issachar 6 Simple Ways To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock, I Locked Myself Out Of My House! Your typical home invader is, luckily, anything but dogged. RELATED: 6 Safety Tips Burglars Don’t Want You To Know. Once the system is armed, any windows breaking or doors being forced open will trigger an alarm that notifies local authorities. Homeowners will get the chance to pay close attention to the vulnerabilities of their windows, the vulnerabilities of their doors, as well as any other flaws that might otherwise go unnoticed. Totally agree with the article. for Life booklet by Master Builders Association.pdf. If your home has a second story, your safe room should ideally be on that second story, as the window would be inaccessible to intruders. These tips probably work best on invaders who are new to the business. In some ways, it is similar to how one might react in the event of a school shooting or other mass shooter settings that place their lives in danger. The latter will not be a viable solution if your home is being targeted for other reasons. The bedroom had a really good lock & it was three-point locking with pins into the top door rail & the floor as well as the normal lock point. The key element here is to simply try and make your home more uninviting to home invaders. These basic survival skills can also be bolstered by the inclusion of a safety plan and an escape plan that stipulates what needs to be done when issues like this arise. SURVIVOPEDIA helps people regain their peace of mind – by becoming more self-reliant and self sufficient in all aspects of life: from putting food on the table, to keeping your loved one safe, and staying in good health. At least one gun on the head board would be faster and you may want a rifle fairly close if you get into a gun fight with more than one intruder (more likely). If this is your situation, have a rope or a ladder stocked away in your safe room that enables you to get to the ground safely. Thanks! It’s a manual + 2 CD set is LOADED with the real life survival strategies you need to defend against society’s most feared criminals should they enter your home. If you are law enforcement, it is “easier” to kick in or battering ram a door swinging in, than out. Do not take any unnecessary risks, and do not do anything that further endangers your life or violently escalates the situation.