Some of them played already, and some learned for this show. Meanwhile, Jo Young Hee informed Jeong Ro Sa that she had finally sent divorce papers to her husband and Jo Jung Su struggled with his loneliness since his children were too busy to spend time with him. "Think before you speak next time," the China Global Times issued warning to South... Aurore is a fitness freak following a strict workout regime. When Oh Yu Min's father asked Lee Ik Joon why he was not an eligible donor, the surgeon informed him that he was too old to donate his liver and another major problem was that he had a fatty liver. She pushes it off that’s it really low chance she’ll get it, but we all know it’ll come back around. Telzeytalks: Indeed, being a parent never ends; as busy as he is, Darth Vader Daddy still has time for his little boy. Lee Ik Joon and the other staff members in the department thought the father had lost his hope and he might never return to the hospital again. Resident Yong would be Dr Yong Seok Min. Kmuse: I love that Resident Jang is so out of touch with people but has the ability to learn from her experiences. Resident Yong and how Darth Vader Daddy was teasing him about being a brother-in-law until I realized you are actually referring to Resident Ahn Chi-Yong. After his discussions with the surgeon, the guardian disappeared from the hospital and the condition of his daughter got worse. Reviews: 1 user. Hospital Playlist: Episode 10 by lovepark. Bad things happen in life from illness to family troubles, and it can feel like the world is crumbling around you. Daddy Long Legs follows up and explains it to the mom again with fewer medical terms and she nods like she understands. The paediatric surgeon was surprised to see the resident coming out of a luxury car driven by a young, handsome man. The ninth episode of Hospital Ship also introduced to viewers a new side of intern Jang Yoon Bok, who was seen fighting with her boyfriend after work. Telzeytalks: The CEO was so funny, pretending to be tired and bored, when secretly he was tapping his fingers and keeping time to the music with his foot! She wasn’t certain about it, but after he’d bugged her for a while, she finally said yes. Chi Yong says that Ik Soon was serious with someone for a while, and really wanted to get married. Until then, catch up with the first nine episodes of the medical drama online on the official website of tvN. Aurore makes sure to have a... BTS, NCT have won multiple awards, while best actor and actress award went to Lee Joong... Chae Song Hwa may get into into trouble in Hospital Playlist episode 9. International Business Times, Singapore Edition, China Takes Credit For BTS Grammy Nomination; Warns Kpop Boy Group of Consequences, Netizens shower love upon Model Aurore Pariente with fanart and extensive DMs, 2020 Asia Artist Awards: Lee Joong Gi, Seo Ye Ji, BTS Win Big; Here is Winners List. There really are a ton of people which is why giving a few nicknames has helped me. Your Rating:-/10. The episode began with a close-up shot of an old man, who was taking his anger out on the nursing staff for not taking good care of his daughter. Their band practices are both replenishing for them and for me. Upon hearing the noise, Lee Ik Joon reached out to help the medical staff and he calmly took the old man away for a talk. I was quickly going back to look for his name, and must have glanced at the guy next to him on the wiki page. While some gather the courage to take the first step forward, others stand in place, still conflicted over what to do. I just need these two to work out and be a big family with her brother and his little boy. The episode is scheduled to air on tvN next Thursday, May 14, at 9pm KST. They don’t seem to have the closest relationship but when they do finally touch base, it’s a sweet conversation with his son, and the grandchild is fine. Drama Geek: At the end of the episode Darth Vader Daddy takes food to his little sister. The patient and his parents were really happy to hear that and they said they were ok with the new look. The surgeon also assured them that his surgery was not a complicated one and it would not take much time. He’d heard the story about her having a hard time with her past boyfriend and just wanted to make sure she was doing okay. I also like that he realized he may judge people too quickly and still has room to grow as a human. I think it is hilarious how often the people around him ask if he is dating again yet. Ahn Jeong Won's mother, Jeong Ro Sa, also went through a hard time because of her son and she discussed about it with Yang Seok Hyeong's mother Jo Young Hee in the VIP room. The surgeon informed the guardian that his daughter Oh Yu Min needed to get her liver transplanted as soon as possible and they were waiting for a brain death donor. I have a feeling that Marshmallow Doc is that person. Darth Vader Daddy has a liver transplant patient, and her father isn’t a good match to donate part of his. Telzeytalks: After having been hurt so badly, Ik Soon needs someone to show her a huge amount of gentleness and understanding in order to get past it. Hospital Playlist episode 10 spoilers and live stream details. Darth Vader butters her up with BTS coffees (Dude knows how to make people talk. Seok Hyeong’s mom is okay, and being taken care of by all five docs. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). School can only teach you so much, and Resident Jang is becoming a much better doctor by learning from the competent and compassionate doctors around her. July 19, 2020 | packmule3 | 214 Comments | Hospital Playlist. Resident Jang lets her in so she can see the baby, and the mom asks if she can explain the procedure again because she was really out of it. I love to just sit back and listen to them. Hospital Playlist: Episode 12 (Final) by lovepark. Drama Geek: The romance aside, I love how they’re showing how a resident grows and learns as they take care of new patients. The amount of love his sacrifice hit all my feels buttons. Episode 10 of the tvN medical drama will focus on office politics, complicated surgeries and some unexpected plot twists. You can tell she’s a bit overwhelmed by all their attention, but they really are the sweetest friends. The kids rock out for the couple, and they both thoroughly enjoy it. The complicated relationship of Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Wool. The promo of Hospital Playlist episode 10 has left a lot of hints for viewers about how this relationship between a senior surgeon and the resident is set to take a surprise turn next week. Hospital Playlist: Episode 7 by lovepark. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot a second time. 2 thoughts on “ Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 9 ” Jeano. Drama Geek: It would VERY hard to take the dive and try to date Song Hwa. So rarely do we see a side character show this much character growth and I am loving it. They go about their days treating patients as the daughter’s condition worsens, and the dad doesn’t return. So her boyfriend had lied to her. He says that he hired a trainer and nutritionist and did it the right way. Telzeytalks: Darth Vader Daddy can be impulsive and outspoken, but he is still very teachable. Later she sneaks back in and gifts Jang with another BTS coffee (best product placement, in my opinion). 9.0. Okay, I cannot take it anymore. I had so much fun with this song, it may be my favorite so far. Hospital Playlist Episode 9. His face tenses at her declaration, and after a pause, he turns her down because he’s visiting his mom this weekend. Hospital Playlist episode 9 recap; episode 10 spoilers and live stream details Ahn Jeong Won was not really happy to see Jang Gyeo Wool with another guy in Hospital Playlist episode 9 … If only we could get a whole album of their performances for the OST. After the surgery, the mother cutely jumps up for just one glimpse of her baby. It made her shy away from any kind of ideas about marriage. Tags: Hospital Playlist, Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Yoo Yeon-seok Until they are about to lose hope for the poor girl. The mom called Ik Soon a short while later wanting to hang out with her and obviously didn’t know anything about the possible marriage. He pulls aside Chi Yong and asks about his sister’s aversion to dating. Kmuse: I love that even though Darth Vader Daddy is literally amazing, he still has moments where he tries to improve. They are so cute together. But to their surprise, Oh Yu Min's father came back to the hospital with a new look. Trot/folk songs don’t get enough credit in dramas and I love when a show sneaks some in. LOL. Darth Vader Daddy asked Chi Yong if he wanted to come to their band rehearsal.