Colouring and highlighting hair often require patience and knowledge of chemicals to create the perfect colour. :D Is there a special tecnique or something? Honestly?I’ve been doing this for years, all the ‘correct’ things, and it is quite impossible to get the same swishy effect that the salon does.I don’t exactly know why, but it can result in you buying every damn thing to suss out the ‘secret’, and as a pp already said - perhaps it’s because they can see all around your head, get a better purchase on the dryer handle and basically control it better.I do the parlux/great brush/ nozzle downward/ kerastase/great treatments, etc and it still does not look great. Lv 4. People often say ‘point the nozzle downwards’ as if we haven’t already been slaving way at that since the 90’s I find for me, what I shampoo and protect with can make or break the look more so than the tools I use to style it. As you can see, with the right hair shaping tools, hair styling products and some hair straightening technique know-how, giving yourself a salon straight hairstyle at home is easy! Keep your hairstyle straight with these simple hair tips.,, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. The key to straight hair is to work in small sections, from the bottom to the top of your head. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. When I’ve been to the hairdressers they dry it straight but bouncy for me. Someone must know the trick? How do hairdressers get your hair to stay straight? Colouring for multiple shades can be quite complicated and tedious for the hairdresser. It makes my hair gorgeous as long as I don’t leave the house wen there is any moisture in the air. Nothing has yet managed to do a better job. So, I recently got my hair cut into a bob, which I love. They dry it in sections and take the heat all the way down the hair. SDo there you go: now you know how hairdressers get your hair so soft (they use mouse too), and how you can try making your own hair so soft. Even if you just air dry your hair, you still get more smoothness with blowdrying over air drying because the heat helps you manipulate the hairstrand into laying smoother....if you are blowdrying properly that is. The babyliss big hair is ok for a finishing effect - ie, ensuring ends of hair aren’t poker like, but it is useless as a replacement blow dry in and of itself. So what exactly can you do to achieve glossy hair while also helping to foster good hair health and long-term shine? 1.After applying hair straightening cream, do not wash your hair with shampoo for a week. All you need to know are some handy hair care rules and tips for using your hair straightener! Luckily, I’ve found a few tips to help you straight-haired ladies find a way to add some waves to your look. Does anyone know any tips/products that keep hair straight all day? Better to limit it really.I have got decent results from straightening brushes if you lift at root and slightly curl the ends - but again, a really drying effect and snappage over time.Each time I just go back to my parlux and finish off with ghd’s - same as ever. Find the one which best works for you - I use alternating kerastase with Kiehls.Trouble with the big hair is that it blows a lot of air indiscriminately in all directions, puffing all of frizz up as it twirls! A step-by-step guide on how to use a Hair Straightener. Check out our hairstyles gallery, try on some hairstyles using our Virtual Hairstyler and keep your hair in tip top shape with our hair care advice. I asked my hairdresser last time I went. When it comes to a polished, sleek, and shiny look, perfectly straight hair is the hairstyle to have. Hello! =/ My hometown one is really good though and just as cheap so I think I'll stick to her!