EuroChoices has been covering the Brexit process since the decision to hold a UK referendum on EU membership. We spoke with Jim Hallett, Chair of the Board of Directors for The Society for Ecological Restoration, on how their journal is making changes to help it stand out. If you were redesigning the publishing process, you wouldn’t design it how it is today. Policy must be informed by research… Policy decisions need input from what research tells us about the world – research which is of the highest quality, relevance and validity. Listen to the Podcast today. For me the key aspect of their role is in providing the policy community in the UK and internationally with expert opinion and a rigorous evidence base on which to base policy priorities and choices. Its impact can be far-reaching and can help inform decisions being made right now. By using a policy analysis framework it is possible to identify and overcome the barriers to research influencing policy. The paper ends by arguing that those in public health need to pay far more attention to the policy environment, looking not just at policy content, but also at the processes of policy. As a result there is huge uncertainty within the agri-food sector as to what will happen post-Brexit to trade patterns, farmers’ incomes and food prices etc. ès÷ş»Ï¾J u€¹÷ß}®êa1Yñ&{úœX�xWEñ¹¸SH™éi°QŸ»jYK=…hËğê;¶³¾&A,ö\»’ëú»µ=ÁÜg Q;+�ŞŒòı÷Ş|Å¡CRB‹7®‹Í4?&rкhmÏ} ş�òú×æÑ�)Xİvók4Ъ< Special issues or sections on key current themes such as Brexit, which bring together experts with differing perspectives, play a very important role. A.Collections of content on issues such as Brexit and other policy priorities have a key role in providing context to the big policy issues of the day. Economics affects all of us in our daily lives but economic concepts tend to be poorly understood, including at the highest levels in government and industry. A government economist by background, he was previously Chief Economist and then Director of the Strategy Unit in the Cabinet Office. In their study of 833 Canadian policy-makers, Landry et al. The Department also notes the areas where Frontier Economics suggests improvements could be made, noting particularly ‘a greater senior focus on prioritisation, a clearer overall strategy and a greater focus on research to inform policy … Around the world, we are facing enormous challenges. If you’re here reading this piece, you may have seen the newly available hub of Wiley research, RISE: Research in Support of Equity. The work of the researchers we fund can influence policy guidelines. 10 things you need to know if you want to use research to influence policy. The UK government, the EU Commission and member state governments are committed in varying degrees to an evidence-based approach to policy development. The UK government’s White Paper (February 2017) sets out its vision and intentions for a Brexit settlement…” an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and a new customs agreement”…but it is not at all clear if this can be achieved. 42 grouped independent variables by conceptual paradigm and implicit assumptions about factors that increase research use. Even when science communication makes you feel like screaming into a pillow, our first episode of season 2 of THIS STUDY SHOWS brings you tips and advice to help you win over your critics. The Top 5 Questions Society Publishers Have About Preprints. She now creates content on research impact, science communication, and produces Wiley's podcast This Study Shows. Open Access Doesn’t Mean Equal Access: What Does It Mean To Be Open? How do erasure, exclusion, and bias work together to prevent greater inclusivity in science and scholarship, and what can we each do about it? Improving the public’s understanding of the issue is a key challenge for the research community, especially for research on the economics of policy and other issues. Dr. Miwa Furuya explains how Japan's science communication strategy has evolved over the years to engage community members. And how has Wiley’s agreement with Projekt DEAL shaped OA in Germany? Getting the timing right and identifying relevant high-quality content are key responsibilities of the Editor, particularly when communicating with the policy community and industry at times of policy change or reform.