It is more than 350 years old. The mountains of Northern California are full of these fast growing pine trees. Perhaps what is even more impressive than the tree’s ability to survive in remote conditions and smell amazing is the longevity and size. It’s very cold hardy, preferring moderate moisture and full sun, but adapts well to high temperatures and occasional periods of drought. Intolerant of shade from other trees, ponderosa pines are most successful in open sunlight. Our third fast growing pine tree is the western yellow pine which is also known as the ponderosa pine or pinus ponderosa. Is there a xeriscape type plant that can do well where the pine needles fall? It is tolerant of heat, In landscapes, it tops out between 50 and 80 feet with a spread of 30-40 feet. Botanical Two varieties exist for Ponderosa Pine: Pinus ponderosa var. The Ponderosa pine is a large, fast-growing, long-needled coniferous tree that can grow over 200 feet tall in forests. These are one of the largest fast growing trees growing to over 200 feet tall! SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinus ponderosa FAMILY: Pinaceae This tree in Colorado Pondersoa pine is native to Colorado.It is found throughout the state in the Mountain and Plateau areas. Individual ponderosa pine trees (Pinus ponderosa) can live well over 500 years. Currently, the oldest known Ponderosa pine in Colorado is 850 years old, with the oldest on record at over 1000 years. They are a zone 4 tree also, and do grow among lodgepole pines. Its distribution is principally down the Front Range from the Wyoming line to Trinidad, east to Mesa Verde, and north to the Uncomphagre plateau. El Paso County Colorado These trees can grow to be 400 years old and sometimes tower over 100 feet tall. I have about a dozen 12-16" diameter Ponderosa Pines in my yard. Ponderosa pines can grow to be very large in other parts of the country, but rarely exceed 100 ft (30 m) in height in the Front Range. Their extreme drought resistance stems from long “tap roots” that provide secure anchors that access soil moisture deep underground. An old ponderosa pine growing on an open, south-facing slope in the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest. scopulorum, found east of the Continental Divide Ponderosa pines are towering trees, regularly hitting the record books and recently taking the title of tallest pine in the world at a staggering 268.35 feet tall. arizonica, native to the southwest Pinus ponderosa var. Pinus ponderosa, commonly known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, blackjack pine, western yellow-pine, or filipinus pine is a very large pine tree species of variable habitat native to mountainous regions of western North America.It is the most widely distributed pine species in North America. In the Colorado Front Range, ponderosa pine grows from the border of the prairie and the foothills, up to around 9000 ft (2770 m) elevation, depending on topogra-phy.