You can feed the babies a special formula, which you can mix according to your veterinarian’s directions, using a small baby bottle or plastic syringe. A primary part of her diet will be seeds and grains. They require fresh food and water and a quick poop-scrape daily and a thorough aviary cleaning weekly. Once dressed, they can walk and fly around the house and sit on laps and shoulders poop-free. Remember, pigeons are generally monogamous and mate for life, so use caution when doing this. Pigeons are smart, easy going birds that quickly learn household routines. Pigeons such as Kings, Fantails, Tumblers and Homers are smart, beautiful and gentle birds. Pigeons generally reach sexual maturity at about seven months after hatching. If you want your bird to live as long as possible, you need to keep them on a healthy diet and make sure they get enough exercise. To finish building the nest, the female will remain in the chosen location for the nest and the male will bring her straw, twigs and branches one at a time to build the nest with. If your eggs don’t seem to be hatching properly or more than 18 days have gone by and the babies haven’t hatched yet, it’s a good idea to contact your veterinarian for advice. Pigeons are exceptionally intelligent creatures and are said to have saved many lives during WWI when they carried messages across enemy lines. Pigeons are extremely devoted to their family and mate for life. Your pet pigeon may be more willing to allow you to help raise the babies and many experts say that it’s ok to touch the pigeon eggs. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. Now that your baby pigeons are ready to go, you can expect them to follow in their parents’ footsteps. What Do I Do If I Find an Injured Pigeon or Dove? The average lifespan of a pigeon is about 3 to 4 years, though some pigeons living in the wild may live to be six years old. The main inconvenience to having pigeons as indoor pets is probably their droppings. Incubation is important because by sitting on the eggs and keeping them warm, the parent pigeons are encouraging proper growth of the hatchlings and helping ensure their survival now and after hatching. Gradually thicken the mixture each day to ensure that the babies are getting adequate amounts of food, as well as the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and survive. Palomacy’s Worldwide Online Pijama Party. However, pigeons who live as pets can live as long as 15 years, though it’s very uncommon. All can be befriended. Pigeons can also be potty trained or they can wear pigeon pants! */. This could be less and it could be more, but you can expect to wait just over two weeks before the babies begin to hatch. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'pigeonpedia_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',119,'0','0'])); You can also give your pet pigeon fresh fruits and vegetables but be sure they are small enough to prevent choking. Pigeon pants are adorable little harnesses with a diaper to catch droppings. Pigeons are beautiful, peaceful and full of personality. When baby pigeons are first hatched, they are covered in a sparse down that’s usually white or yellow in color. Keep reading. A male pigeon is called a Cock. We aim to become the go-to place for answers to all Pigeon related questions. Contrary to popular belief, baby birds don’t eat worms or seeds. Here’s a lot of stuff to know about the life cycle of a pigeon but understanding them on another level is a great way to become more familiar with pigeons and how they live their lives. However, unlike other birds, pigeons don’t remove the droppings from the babies and they reuse the nest several times, so over time, it turns into a sturdy, thick nest. You will notice your baby pigeons trying to hide in the corners of the nest as they are cautious by nature and their instinct is to hide from their natural predators.