3) Add 1 cup of dry amaranth seeds. Amaranth flour is available from Bob's Red Mill®. Grist is powered by WordPress.com VIP. Set aside. Take advantage of amaranth’s gelatinous quality and use it to thicken soup. Its normal for the cooked amaranth to be sticky and clumpy. A couple of tablespoons added while the soup is cooking is usually sufficient. Southeast Asian Amaranth Stir-Fry with Ginger 3) Add 1 cup of dry amaranth seeds. Different versions are found across the Caribbean. Stir this until it turns pale golden Amaranth’s taste is nutty and sweet, and its coarse texture holds up well under high heat. Amaranth (bondwe) bundles (1 kg) 2 tablespoons cooking oil. Its leaves have teeth, a pointy tip, and prickly stems. With hues of green and deep red, they cook up quickly for an easy side dish or vegetarian main course. 1 medium onion. 1) Add 3 cups of water to a strong bottom pan. I used to only associate amaranth with its seed, an important staple grain for the ancient Aztec civilizations of central and south America. 4) Give it a quick stir. Use a ratio of 1/4 cup amaranth to 3/4 cup other grain and cook as usual. The taste is similar to Swiss chard or spinach, cook al-dente for best flavor. If you dig our mission and agree news should never sit behind a paywall, donate today to help support our work. How to cook Amaranth. Grist's comments only work with JavaScript. For more information about a specific amaranth species, see this guide to identification characteristics. You’ll also notice that its roots are tinged red, and its densley packed green flowers shoot out from the center of the plant’s highest leaf cluster. 5. Method. How to prepare kids for the climate crisis? 1 medium tomato (optional) Prep time: 15 minutes. Mix well until cooked. In addition to being a complete protein, amaranth seeds are high in fiber, iron, and calcium. What’s behind this Colombian band’s latest dance beat? Its normal for the cooked amaranth to be sticky and clumpy. Cook time: 7 minutes. Start by separating the leaves from the stalks of your bundles; Wash the leaves thoroughly and then set them aside 6. Cara Hoffman’s books might help. Foraged vegetables are always more fun to cook. I don’t wait for the seeds (they are the size of mustard seeds and need to be separated from the chaff) — instead, I clip off the tender tops and side shoots of the young plant before the large flower head forms. Discard away lower stems that are hard. 2. Note: Be careful not to confuse amaranth with Carolina horsenettle (Solanum carolinense), which often grows next to it — it’s is a toxic member of the nightshade family. Cooking with Amaranth Leaves Callaloo Callaloo is a popular Caribbean dish that originated in West Africa. A pinch of salt. Stores that have a decent selection of … (They go well with vegetables.) 6 cups amaranth leaves and stems, clipped from the top 3-inches of the plant The most likely cooking suggestion you will get from a farmers market vendor is to saute it with garlic, but you can use it anywhere you would include cooked spinach or … You’ll mostly see it in stores as the grain, but it is also available in flour form. Its resilience also makes it one of the most common summer weeds — it’s among the first to grow between crops, in vegetable gardens, and on fields. 2) Bring it to a boil. We’re one of the few news outlets dedicated exclusively to people-focused environmental coverage, and we believe our content should remain free and accessible to all our readers. Rich in amino acids, magnesium, and iron, it’s still cultivated today and can be found in grocery and health food stores, along with amaranth flour, which is gluten-free. Please enable and refresh the page. How To Cook Amaranth. https://www.foodandwine.com/grains/amaranth/amaranth-recipes Ingredients. Donate now through December 31, and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. As a nonprofit, we rely on reader support to help fund our award-winning journalism.