Tutorials are included. Wet hair will affect the temperature of the curling iron and may damage your hair. After shampooing, I use a leave-in conditioner and a styling mousse. With the proper hot tools and techniques, you can master a lot of ways to curl short hair. We hope you found these steps easy to follow and useful! Step 1. Very Short Haircut for Curly Hair. https://hairstylecamp.com/enticing-loose-curls-for-short-hair By Hayli Goode. Spritz a heat protectant all over the hair. Curling irons are are made for all lengths of hair, but if you have very short hair you want to curl, the thinner curling irons work best! Then, remove the wand. Always use a heat protectant spray for your hair before curling. Check out these All-in-One curling irons for all of your curly styles! Here is another pixie style with curly bangs and shaves sides. Separating the hair into sections will give a more-defined curl. Allow the curl to cool and set completely, if you are going for a ringlet look. Jan. 22, 2016. Step 3. 20 Ideas to Style an Asian Bob Haircut in Easy Video Tutorials, How To Tease Your Hair at the Roots for Perfect Volume, Recreate This Elegant Bun with Our Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial, The Best Video Tutorial on How to Make a Sock Bun in 12 Steps, 15 Innovative Hair Braiding Tutorials You’ve Never Seen Before. Most hot tools come with a temperature gauge. Curling wands are pretty simple to use. Subscribe now and thank us later. These beauty products can get really hot! How to Curl Short Hair with a Curling Iron If you would prefer curls with more definition and a little tighter curl, using a curling iron is your best bet. If your hair is none of these extremes, pre-heating your iron to a medium heat setting (360 F) should suffice. The basic feature of a curling iron is to apply an amount of heat to sections of your hair that are gently wrapped around the wand and the clamp (also called the flipper & barrel), to safely mend your hair into beautiful curls that can last all day! A quick rule of thumb is lower heat for finer hair and higher heat for thicker hair. Boring ‘dos be gone! Pulling the ends of the curls while still warm will also give a more natural appearance. Jessica Edwards/Instagram. This curly pixie great for summer and any season. Loose curls are the least demanding both in care and styling. To keep some length to your short hair, you can leave the ends out and keep them straight. Curly short hair is always a hot style. Keep reading to learn about my three favorite hair-curling tools and the multitude of ways that I use them to achieve my curly hairstyles. Thanks for reading! You can also alternate the direction of the curls so that they don’t appear as uniform. Get hair style inspiration. ~EBH. Throughout the years, with a pixie haircut, I’ve learned a lot of tricks for curling very short hair. Then, blow dry, smoothing with a round brush a bit. Cleanse with … Turn on your curling iron, setting it to your desired temperature and let it heat up. The trick is using smaller barrel sizes. Once my hair is completely dry, I apply a leave-in serum as a heat-protective layer for the hot tool. Here is a short and precise method on how to use a curling iron on very short hair. Now You Know How To Use A Curling Iron On Very Short Hair. Hair serum can help prevent frizz, tangles and can even give your hair a lovely shine. When choosing the proper heat setting, think about the quality of your hair and what heat setting you will need to style it. Turn on your curling iron, setting it to your desired temperature and let it heat up. If you want to learn how to curl your short hair with a curling iron, check out each of the videos below. This will also create a more polished-looking curl. In the back, I used the tilt-and-slide technique to create body and volume. 10 Best Short Curly Hair Ideas for “It” Girl. Ringlets are great for sleeping on because they become loose waves after several days of sleeping on them. Mohawk Hairstyle with Curls. 2. All the irons I used are made by Stylecraft. Now you now how to use a curling iron on very short hair! The size of the iron will determine curl size and the tool size you will need for your hair length. These kinds of curls are perfect for a party hairstyle or a big event where you want to go all out. Apply a leave-in conditioner and a hair mousse to help hold the curl pattern.