Theh boh shah in Spain, Seh boh lyah in Latin America. Although it is written oignon, with a g, it is pronounced very much like the English word, onion, but the second o is the same as the first, that is more like A than like U. Rhymes with "chanson". I have always heard it said with a hard ‘g’ sound in there somewhere (as in UNG-ins) but sometimes people just pronounce it with a ‘y’ sound in the middle (as in UN-yins). The French for onion is oignon. Onion pronunciation and definition. How to pronounce onion dome. 14 comments. – nohat ♦ Sep 17 '12 at 22:03 How do you pronounce the word ‘onion’? Most of us pronounce gyro with an English soft g sound (as with gyroscope, which has the same word origin). Source(s): pronounce quot onion quot french: Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. How to say onion dome. Onion definition is - a widely cultivated Asian herb (Allium cepa) of the lily family with pungent edible bulbs; also : its bulb. share. It's followed by an e, so it is soft. Anonymous. I have reopened this question. Just like in English. 1 1. Learn more. How to say Onion? How to use onion in a sentence. Humph! 1 decade ago. I just try to avoid saying it altogether. The sound of the y or ll varies from country to country. Anyone famous enough to have a Wikipedia article is famous enough to have a question here on how to pronounce their name without it being closed for being "too localized". Find more French words at! See our English and American Spelling Dictionary. 0 0. How to pronounce Onion.