Those two new branches will create new sets of leaves, and when you prune them again, they’ll create two new branches again. Basil is a gardener’s dream plant. So almost every Indian household has a Tulsi plant and need to know how to care for a holy basil plant. Start from the top of the stem and work your way down until you find a spot where two sets of new leaves are growing. Holy basil grow and care – shrub‎ type of basil of genus Ocimum also known as Tulsi or Tulasi, Holy basil perennial evergreen or cold annual plant used as edible plant for the leaves also used as ornamental plant and it’s fragrant, can grow in tropic, mediterranean, subtropical or temperate climate, in temperate climate and growing in hardiness zone: 10b+ (perennial), 5-10 (as annual). Tulsi is a purple-tinted plant with a distinct peppery aroma. Add a cube or two to sauces, salad dressings and other recipes as desired. The basil plant is holy to the Hindus. It also comes in a host of varieties, one of which is the tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum).

A quarter-inch above is the right place to cut. Once your tulsi has 3 sets of leaves on a stem—1 at the top and 2 on the sides—you can begin pruning. A step by step guide for growing Tulsi in pots at home. Pest and Disease Management. So, prune your holy basil regularly. In fact, the more you cut this useful little herb, the more it grows! Hi, guys today we will discuss growing Tulsi in pots in your home garden. The herb is … Tulsi is also called Holy Basil.This plant is mostly used as a medicinal herb for the treatment of many numbers of ailments starting from headaches to cancer. Holy basil is not prone to attack by many insects or pests; but, it can be affected by several diseases. How to Cut Basil. Learn More: How to Split and Transplant Basil, How to Prune Basil, How to Dry Basil. It’s also known as “holy basil” or “sacred basil.” Just above this intersection is where you cut using scissors or gardening shears. You see, when a plant begins to bolt, it gets ready to flower. If you prune too soon, the plant will not receive enough energy.

It’s incredibly easy to grow and doubles as a great ornamental plant. This is because, Tulsi plant (basil) is the wife of Lord Vishnu. Also known as Holy Basil, this beautiful plant is often used as a medicinal herb to treat a wide range of ailments, from curing headaches to fighting cancer. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Repeat Step 3 for each flowering basil stalk. ... Prune the tops of the tulsi weekly to encourage growth. There are many other reasons why the basil plant is considered holy. Also, most basil plants, including holy basil, will develop a bitter taste if they’re allowed to flower. Basil leaves are quite delicate. I like to use my special pruning clippers. You may have noticed that it is very easy to grow basil plants. Learn about cutting back basil here. Holy basil is pruned just the same as common basil.
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