What Happens to a Plant If the Temperature is Too Low? Water your fuchsias every day or even twice a day during peak summer. If you’re growing them indoors, they can receive indirect bright light as opposed to direct sunlight. Fuchsias that are grown in hot soil will keep fighting to grow in the sun and, therefore, should be grown in the shade. It is best to wait until you begin to see new growth to start the pruning process. The temperature of the soil also affects much sun the plant can take. If the plant is getting too much water and the roots don’t have the required drainage, it could wilt. These are commonly hung in flower baskets. Ensure that your area has good air circulation to allow the extra moisture to evaporate, keeping the roots healthy and pest-free. This variety is known to grow fast, with long stems. Now Choosing the Best Weed Puller Is Easy with Our Top 5 Reviews! The fuchsias can’t grow in a climate that’s too dry either. This should only be done if you are trying to grow a broad, bushy plant. Fuchsia is a popular plant used in gardening and cooking. During late spring, gardeners will need to prune the stems of hardy varieties to above the ground. If you find that your fuchsia plant is wilting, you can restore it to health. You now have everything you need to know about fuchsia plants; how to revive them, how to prevent them from dying, and how to take perfect care of them. So in order to get lots of new wood growing on your plants, a hard cut-back followed by frequent pinching induces plenty of blooming growth by spring. Keep a close check on your Fuchsia plant for pests of diseases; as it is much easier to deal when them when they are spotted early on and could prevent your plant from dying in the first place. This should be done regardless of the variety. Plants can add a natural decorative touch to your home or freshen up your yard. Watch for pests, such as aphids, spider mites, thrips or scale, all of which can cause leaves to wilt or curl. I am Elsa, love gardening. Green Living 20 Hacks That Will Bring Your Dead (or … Make sure to remove the seed pod with it – this should be a swollen ball that’s green to deep blue. Immediately remove any leaves that are infected and treat the plant with a fungicide. Avoid feeding just planted fuchsias, as the fertilizer may scorch the tender roots. Knock out as much potting soil as you can and replace it with an acidic azalea mix. Pruning at the Start of Spring 1. Begin reviving a worn-out fuchsia by cutting it back to half its size, said fuchsia expert Ted Mayeda at M & M Nursery in Orange. Just provide them with a little care, and they will work wonders for you. When your fuchsia plant is blooming, check it weekly or so for spent flowers. Fuchsias are so widely loved because of their tropical-looking flowers that continue to bloom throughout the summer. Fuchsias grown in pots will usually have warmer soil as compared to those grown in the ground. The first year i hung it out in the sun. Before we tell you how to revive a fuchsia plant, you need to know the reasons behind its wilting and dying and how you can prevent that from happening. Choosing fuchsias for your garden brings bold color and visual interest to your home. How to Care for Fuchsia Hanging Baskets. Be sure to deadhead old blossoms that may be trying to make seed, as these will drain energy from the plant. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. This plant can be a great addition to your garden or your balcony. I am on my 6th fuchsia over the past 3 years and have killed them all. You can find out when to add more water by putting your finger on the soil on top. After it has grown, start pinching as it will get you more flowers. Once new growth begins in earnest, your job is to begin to pinch. The dead branches help protect the root systems from the frost. Still, you should also look at the condition of the soil before watering. Fuchsias bloom on new wood. Learn How To Revive A Fuchsia Plant In 10 Easy Steps. This is an important step and should not be missed. Excessive direct sunlight will cause the fuchsias to wilt and drop. Try not to place your plant in areas that receive direct sunlight. They need to be brought indoors before the first frost. Read more about me. After reading this, you will be fully equipped to revive and take care of your fuchsia plants. You have two options with a fuchsia - either let it shoot on all the old wood, cutting back dead ends later OR cur it right down to ground level when there are signs of green at the base and let it form a new framework this year. They need a lot of water. When a flower is starting to wilt or fade, it can be removed. Is there anything else I should do to revive my little orphan plants? Make sure that the soil is moist but well-drained and not slushy. You’ll have plant that looks just the way it was supposed to. What to do if your fuchsia plant suffers from pests? The trick is to know when to add more water and when to stop. 18 of the Beautiful Full Sun Container Flowers – How to Grow Them. Then i hung it in shade and that killed it too. It's only little. Stop pinching in April and let your plant finally bloom. 20 of the Brightest Orange Perennial Flowers. Fuchsias need to be fed once a month through August. However, if you can still feel some moisture in the soil, then do not water it again just yet. But you must be optimistic and determined to help save your plant and allow it to grow and bloom beautiful flowers. About 12'' tall, and in a big pot.