18 November 2020 Reply Looking for an (indie-pop) song of the 90s/00s, male singer. It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas ... Humble and Kind 9 Tim McGraw. 25. On top of that, you get links to YouTube videos, etc in case you were searching … To improve the translation you can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom. That I heard you singing And when you smiled You made me feel Like I could sing along But then you went and changed the words Now my heart is empty I'm only left with used-to-be's And once upon a song. I heard that you was lookin' for me, well here I go I told my niggaz you was lookin' for, well there they go It was once upon a time in the projects show We 'bout this here, we keep the streets on lock yo. Handwritten lyrics to three songs by internationally renowned songwriter Bob Dylan have been put on sale in an auction organised by Moments in Time. Get in tune with Night Lovell’s latest hit, and be on the lookout for hopefully more … Below you will find lyrics, music video and translation of I Heard You Were Looking For Me - Night Lovell in various languages. Since all of those sites are indexed by Google, performing a search on Google for song lyrics will give you the correct answer most of the time. As you can see, the first result is from a lyrics site called azlyrics.com. You Say 5 Lauren Daigle. The music video with the song's audio track will automatically start at the bottom right. You didn't know what you were looking for Till you heard the voices in your ear Words don't come out right I try to say it oh, so right I hope you understand my meaning Hey, it's me again I'm so in love with you again Please, can I see you every day? I'm looking for a song and this is the lyrics : Baby you're my everything, Guy you all them diamond rings, let's go far away so I know it's just you and me J.O. If “I Heard You Were Looking for Me” doesn’t make you want to run through a brick wall after listening to it just like all of his other songs, then you must be doing something wrong. Now I know your not a fairy tale And dreams were meant for sleeping And wishes on a star Just don't come true 'Cause now even I can tell I thought I heard you call my name I'm standing in an empty space, these walls If they could talk, they'd tell it all. I'm falling out of all the bars Telling strangers how you broke my heart Can't stop, I never lost what you forgot. I heard that you was lookin' for me, well here I go I told my niggaz you was lookin' for, well there they go Bob Dylan’s handwritten lyrics on sale for £1.75m.