However, that's easier said than done . Check it out here: Deck of Cards in a Bottle. Phone in the Bottle trick revealed. I bought a few decks of cards and gathered up various styles of glass bottles. If you're interested I've also made an "impossible bottle" instructable, where the bottles were not cut or modified in any way. Then it’s a simple matter to cast a spell on the ship, and turn it into a deck of cards. IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLE. Dynamo performs different versions of this trick, but the core is always the same. All details are covered in the following steps. He borrows a bottle from one of the spectators, and a phone from another one. View all streams. I have already duplicated 6 of Harry’s bottles and am in the process of creating a couple of bottles that have never been created by anyone. Some very fine accessories are available for this, such as the popular carat case. Eventually I worked out a way to put a deck of cards inside one of the bottles. Voila, like magic, you now have an impossible bottle with a deck of cards inside! But my personal favourite is something so special, that I can't even touch the cards. You should be able to buy a ship in a bottle quite cheaply on eBay. Then I sat down and stared at them for a while. Start with a bottle containing another impossible object, like a ship. All Courses BEST PASS (7) View Course. How to Make an Impossible Bottle: A Top Secret Revealed There are some super cool ways for displaying playing cards. BENEFITS of MAGIC STREAMING Learn powerful & effective magic suitable for both beginners and advanced. I have been making Impossible Bottles for 10 years now. . While the Silver Surfer was pulled into Mr. Mxyzptlk's universe where he and the city of Metropolis was trapped in a bottle within Superman's Fortress of Solitude. NEW PROJECT - BEST PASS BEST-SELLING PRODUCT! The in-depth teaching can maximize your potential in learning and perfecting your … . Harry was definitely the “master” at them, but, I am trying to follow in his footsteps and keep his art form alive. Someone then calls the number, to verify it is indeed the same phone. The most simple impossible bottles contain decks of cards, so I figured this was a good starting point to get my feet wet. It's called an impossible bottle, and it looks just like this: It's a fun puzzle that pretty much anyone can tackle. And then, in one swift movement, he somehow manages to get the phone inside the bottle. The bottle was cut and glued back together with golf balls inside. $10.00 MAGIC STREAMS by THERUSSIANGENIUS Happy to welcome you to.