Explore and learn more about Conference Series LLC LTD : World’s leading Event Organizer. 23rd Nov,2020 - Annual Congress on Soil and Water Conservation - Kaunas, Lithuania. JLMUN 2021. Its strategic geopolitical location has long made it a focus of international capital flow, labor migration and world power competition. In the year 2015, ConferenceSeries diversified its conferences to Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific and rises in pride to announce it’s Best Scientific Meetings in Europe, Business conferences Europe and Academic Conferences in Europe. All the ConferenceSeries Scientific Meetings held in USA have addressed the latest and the most relevant issues that the humanity is confronting at present. ConferenceSeries Conferences creates a venue to connect and confer for all the neoteric minds yearning for au courant and cutting edge research and development in various fields. "The Right to Information should be Universal", is the motto which has created a podium for rich and crisp research and technological spring up in the broad expanse of science and technology, a major concern of the present. Detailed review, assessment and user friendly accessibility makes us the trailblazer of academic conferences worldwide. We are to blend with scientific associations through our Scientific Meeting 2015 to leverage adept and imperative knowledge to ensure the viability and success of your association. Conference Series Scientific Meetings, chemical engineering conferences and scientific current events conferences creates a coliseum for strong networking and better exchange of newfangled ideas. On successful signing of partnership, our group provides publication support to your organization and helps in organizing conferences and meetings. MUNISS 2020. PLISMUN 2021 Prague's premium Model UN experience. ConferenceSeries Conferences has strengthened its position as one of the ambiguous and victorious forums, with its lionization surpassing the barricades of eternity. Going Global 2019 Knowledge Diplomacy and the Digital World May 13-15, 2019 in Berlin, Germany For the provision of modern, high quality accessible and attainable services, OMICS Scientific Conference Organizer draws closely the keynote speakers, editoria… ConferenceSeries Conferences creates a venue to connect and confer for all the neoteric minds yearning for au courant and cutting edge research and development in various fields. The current year 2020-2021, schedules International Conferences on Bio-diversity and sustainable energy, Diabetes, Oral Health, Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Lasers, Optics & Photonics, Materials Science & Engineering, Forensic Research & Technology, and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs to a whole lot of other thematic conferences that discuss the issues critically. There is no exaggeration to claim this region as the center of economic opportunities that could contribute greatly to the global development in the 21st century. About Europe Conference Alerts. Our conferences are scientific rostrums to unveil the novel developments and to cogitate, and conflate ideas and realities through practical experiences. Our events aid in overcoming the ‘information poverty’ by giving access to relevant and timely information about knowledge and upcoming developmental process to yearning students and youth who are the today’s budding researchers and tomorrow’s blossomed scientists. The ConferenceSeries of Scientific Meetings 2020-2021 are unparagoned and an unmissable opportunity to engross the information and communication technologies bobbing in the modern age. If you are looking for a perfect platform to learn and share AWR is the best gateway to reserve your slot at conferences of your need. Stuttgart, Germany Apr 23 - Apr 26, 2020 500 Delegates Apply Now. It is a nourishing ground for great institutional, educational, technological, cultural and economic excellence, where science and technology flourished and formed an inseparable part of the development. For Program Enquiries, Symposia/Workshops, Sponsorships, Media Partners, Advertising [email protected]. Open Access publishes around 700 Open Access Journals and has been involved in organizing over 1000+ Global Events around the world out of which 80 have been successfully organized in the USA itself. After getting a huge response and support from scientific community in the USA, the ConferenceSeries is now spreading its wings to continents like Europe and Asia providing an excellent opportunity for the scientific community of both the continents to disseminate their research strategies globally. Discussing on various imperative topics will add an insight to ponder and confer over crux of today’s scientific and technological perk up. Applications Are Open for 9 Conferences in Europe. ConferenceSeries Engineering Conventions 2020-2021 facilitates better understanding about the technological developments and scientific advancements across the world by simultaneously equating with the velocity of science, technology and business domains. Ceaseless reinventions of enormous academic and practical organizational models are encapsulated in Major Scientific Events, to construct an innovative culture of knowledge. International conferences on science, engineering, management, health and allied areas at Conference in Europe are the centres for academic and business interaction which makes us a flag bearer in global market of professional event promotion. Conference in Europe is world's most reliable index of academic activities like international conference and professional events. 23rd Nov,2020 - World Congress on Information Technology - Kaunas, Lithuania. European nations on the other hand are highly matured economies with a very high level of scientific and technological advancement. Conferenceseries Scientific Meetings 2020-2021 will enhance the cornucopia of knowledge of all the participants in different fields and will be a mélange of eminent speakers, industry professionals, social activist, students etc. ConferenceSeries Scientific Meetings will cover a vast arena including Academic Conferences in Europe and USA, followed by Business Conferences and Medical meetings. Conference Series LLC Medical Conferences in 2016-17 will be organized in all the major continents of the world including USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia and other Asia-pacific countries where the conference attendees can explore the attractive tourist destinations as a part of their visit besides the conference. ConferenceSeries Scientific Meetings propagandize broader intellectual resources bridging international collaborations with Europe and Middle East regions by encouraging the active participation of all academic organizations and scientists to share their new research and challenges. ConferenceSeries is confident in implementing new ideas and accelerating scientific discoveries. We assess strategic priorities, identify new opportunities and develop insightful blueprints for your growth. Jerusalem, Israel Mar 07 - Mar 11, 2021 150 Delegates Apply Now. Organizers can add their events to our listings for free. The Academic Conferences in Europe, Business conferences Europe and Best Scientific Meetings in Europe will hold in a sparking experience for all the delegates in oscillating the inevitable knowledge and proportionally tear down the silos of ignorance by integrating cognizance that will encapsulate us. It provides oversight for conference-related activities, has jurisdiction over all 1,900+ IEEE global conferences, and ensures compliance per all IEEE Policies - Section 10 (PDF, 1 MB).. ConferenceSeries is on the ramp for its mutual partnership with more than 1000 scientific societies and counts on. Conference Series Academic conferences worldwide, Global Engineering Conferences and Pharmaceutical seminars facilitate better understanding about technological developments and advancements across the world. Certifying the conferences with verification and their authenticity make us a trusted partner of academicians and professional to help them to get notified about upcoming conferences scheduled worldwide. Alongside similar support from various other continents has fostered collaboration with 45 societies from Asia-Pacific, 30 societies from North and South America and 25 societies from Africa. 6th International American Ceramics and Composite Materials Conference ( October 31-November 01, 2019) (+44) 20 3318 2512 [email protected] December 22-23, 2020 Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at our 3000+ Global Conference Series LLC LTD Events with over 1000+ Conferences, 1000+ Symposiums and 1000+ Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business. Academic Network for Global Education & Learning (ANGEL) Conference 2019 May 9-10, 2019 in London, England. CSEDU 2019 11th International Conference on Computer Supported Education May 2-4, 2019 in Heraklion, Crete—Greece. Unifying our efforts we established our Academic Conferences in USA, followed by Best Scientific Meetings in USA and Business conferences USA, to script an intellectual congregation committed to advancing quantitative and qualitative sectors of academic advancement, leading research strategies, professional business development, and networking, where all the global professionals are willing to devote their adequacy in an ethical way for the betterment of our society.