Chicken is the generic term for all Gallus gallus domesticus birds. There are many different breeds, some of which are specialized as egg layers and some of which have been bred to … For example, the Breda chicken is a unique fowl breed that is remarkably difficult to sex. It has no comb at all, and hens sometimes have wattles – roosters always do, though. Things to Know About Hen vs Chicken. When a hen … A pullet chicken will not have started laying eggs yet. Maybe you already did a little search about the hen. The hen will only stop becoming a pullet when it lays it’s first egg. Source: University of Illinois. Used with permission. A chicken’s wing has several flight feathers. Plus, there are many differences between roosters and hens … There are several breeds of chicken and hens are the females while roosters are the males of the species. Here you are reading this article to find out more about the hen and the chicken. This could happen … As Figure 3 shows, the axial feather separates the primary feathers and secondary feathers. But, more than that, there are still many things you need to know between hen vs chicken. External anatomy of a chicken hen. Figure 2. So, chicken, hen, or rooster: What’s the difference? A pullet is a hen under the age of 1-year-old. They grow slowly … What is Pullet Chicken? Yes, simply said that the hen is a female chicken who has skill in producing eggs.