Without your guideline, nothing would happen to her or me. The audition is a scam. Ms Pat was amazing and it was such a great opportunity to meet her. The staff has been absolutely amazing. No matter where you are, there will be bad apples that make you wonder how they sleep at night. She did the six months where you went in, and then they picked you to join the classes. I told her I'm gonna support her if that's something that she wants to truly do. For more information about PissedConsumer check out our When they called us, they told us that she was one of the 35 children chosen. There was definitely a glance towards, "Is this something she can do and earn some money and help pay for college?" At the time we received the call, my daughter was currently the reigning 2016 Little Miss Juneteenth as well as the 2017 March of Dimes Ambassador for San Antonio, she was already making appearances on local television media, featured in San Antonio Woman magazine and a local television commercial airing. Also, that I myself was ready to take on that job of "Momager" to get it all going - it's WORK.Keep in mind that every career and education does cost something, but don't go broke in the process. For example, she said that in the full payment of $2,000 your models supplies and modeling gigs will be paid for. Review #930502 is a subjective opinion of poster. She really enjoyed that experience. That must be something good about it then. Additionally they can assist in providing you with specific information regarding their refund policy and what is needed to cancel your contract with their location. If they promise work, RUN. I found it strange that they would offer a new employee only 2 classes in to her job who is also 22 a job on the "Passport to Discovery Cruise" to be an Supervisor to a cabin of girls who are only 2 years younger than I am. It reinforced some things that she already knew. For guidance reason, my kids didn't mind staying there. Think about this, it's "school" and just like college, you will pay heavily, you will gain knowledge and experience, and although you'll have all the tools you may need to "be discovered", college does not hold your hand and guarantee you that it will help you find a job, and neither does Barbizon. The quality of those classes? I went to a modeling interview 2 days ago with Barbizon. We're at the point now where she has to get her pictures done. She enjoyed all the classes and learned a lot in each of them. Barbizon Modeling has 75 years of experience in the talent industry. I had an interview with Barbizon I have no experience in modeling but I have always wanted to try it out I got accepted into their modeling school for training. My kids learn fast and they don’t just listen to what people tell them. They get all of these girls--some who you can clearly tell: 1) Don't want to be in modeling/acting 2) They most likely won't be an actor or model (if you're being honest)--and their parents to pay money. and the whole program is a joke. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. Many strangers approached me with question: why don't you try modeling with her? For my kids, they gave them feedback on what they didn't do goof or what they did good, and they knew what they needed to do when they came home. They called me today, to let my family and I know that they want to enroll me in their school. Some Barbizon centers offer scholarships or payment plans. Do you have something to say about Barbizon Modeling School? It would be good if we got a little bit more hands-on or walking through the process of getting booked for commercials and jobs. It is depend on if parents agree to pay it, and afford it. Omg. Adrianne is the one who's gonna be working with him for Passport to Discovery. The girls are nasty. My child was never shy, but my heart exploded everytime I saw the ones that started off shy and watched them work the room with their charming personalities! They get all of these girls--some who you can clearly tell: 1) Don't want to be in modeling/acting 2) They most likely won't be an actor or model (if you're being honest)--and their parents to pay money. Instructors include industry professionals with extensive experience in acting and modeling.