Calories It's best to keep your bread around 90 calories or less per slice, especially if you plan on eating two slices. But if you’re eating a For example, if you’re looking to replace your daily white bread with pita bread, then you lose a few grams of carbs. The best part about Pita bread is that it tastes good and can satiate your carb cravings. For instance, in the US and Canada, Walmart sells ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Low Carb Bread Plain, 2pack and Joseph’s Bakery Mini Pita Bread, both of which are 7 grams carbs per slice/bread. However, few diabetics thought that this type of bread was good for them. But some types of bread are not suitable for diabetics. This kind of bread would be healthy for diabetes, and has started to get very popular among those that are going gluten free, or who prefer to eat no wheat. You can make your own pita as one bite of it, warm, fresh Sourdough bread is a very popular type of product that is used in many different meals. Here’s the low-down on what breads diabetics should and should not eat. To Spelt bread You will find spelt bread in health food stores. Apart from a good share of Whole wheat bread This fibre-rich bread can be another good alternative for GI (56 -59) for pita bread is belong to medium. Pita bread has less carbs than white bread, but that’s not to say that it’s completely healthy. Bread For Diabetics Bread is highly nutritious and is eaten with most meals in many cultures. Can Diabetics Eat Pita Bread If you want to know can diabetics eat pita bread, then some information below you will find. In the UK, Tescon sells Hovis Lower Carb Seeded Bread, which is around 9 grams carbs per slice – a little bit lower than regular bread. Besides, pita bread is rich in fiber, which is required for the digestive system to work properly. 2. The fact that pita bread has only about 2 grams of unhealthy fat per 100 grams makes it a healthy option. Healing and Healthy Foods for Diabetics You've got a good idea of which foods are off-limits and which are not, but there are some foods that go beyond being simply "safe" and actually work to give you an edge against diabetes: Pita bread is low-carb and fibre-rich bread option for diabetics.