Can I change the colour of my ISU forged spear? Close. Here are the different Spears found in-game in Assassin's Creed Odyssey: All Spear List. save hide report. Three types of weapons and three playstyles give a … well.. the last of the Isu-forged weapons are now in my collection.. only the Judgement of Atlantis remains . Can I change the colour of my ISU forged spear? Poseidon's Trident adds a good bonus to your Warrior & CRIT damage. FORGE your weapon for a Hunter, Warrior, or Assassin playstyle; Each weapon can only be crafted once, so choose wisely. I did a big mistake of choosing the assassin version of the spear and it comes in blue. After some calculations, all damage stats seem to be ignored, I understand that, and the total amount of the engraving will be +79.2 for both assassin's and hunter's damage. The weapons also come with their own unique suite of Legendary Engravings that do things like make part of your Assassin, Warrior, or Hunter stat … Now, as I want the assassin's stats to increase, I get a higher reward if I forge the Isu-forged Warrior's Spear so that I get more bonuses for the assassin's and hunter's trees. Check Out Weapon List & Traits - Spear Poseidon's Trident . Legendary Spear List & Locations. Posted by 4 months ago. The red one is much cooler and I can't reload the game to before I made the choice. Here are all the current list of obtained Legendary Spear. Is there any way I can change the colour?? Zero+ Cheater Posts: 26 Joined: Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:27 am Reputation: 39. Weapon Max DPS Perk Rating; Poseidon's Trident: 2599 +15% Warrior Damage +25% CRIT Damage. Thank you! More weapons coming soon! Poseidon's Trident - How to Get & Stats Weapon Overview. share. However, it truly shines underwater with its unique engraving that allows you the … Breathe Underwater: 9.5 / 10: Black Thorn: 2599 +15% Warrior Damage +5% CRIT Damage +25% CRIT Chance with Charged Heavy Attack Ability: 9.0 / 10: Sauroter : 2599 +15% Hunter Damage +15% … You can craft Dagger, Mace, or Spear and select one of three playstyles: Warrior, Assassin, or Hunter. So I tried getting the Convert 50% Assassin Damage to All Damage from swapping one of my spears with the Isu-Forged Assassin Spear but it only changed the model and not the actual stats. Does anyone have the Perk ID for 'Convert 50% Assassin Damage to All Damage'? Top. 1. 9 comments . 눈_눈 . .