Without a reference like that, it might be difficult to judge the difference. And he proceeded to demonstrate a Janome MC8200QCP. But I don't know that for a fact. Topstitching on several layers of denim is simple when using the Original IDT™ System, together with heavier thread and a topstitch needle. Build in a little space to keep the pull and tab covered. Pfaff has many feet for using the IDT and they are of normal size. Blog. It reduces waste and saves the planet. It saves money. THE BRAND Pfaff was founded in Germany in 1862, and like Singer and Husqvarna Viking, is now owned by SVP Worldwide. I don't know how the IDT and Accufeed affect the presser foot width on their respective machines; I think the width of the walking foot must be wider to make sure the fabric is fully in contact with both the feed dogs and the upper feed on the walking foot. A simple, elegant and effective model called Janome 2212 that comes with 12 built-in stitches, including a 4-step buttonhole and easy turn dial pattern selection. Challenging fabric is no challenge at all for the IDT™ System! © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. It makes the garment easier to don and doff. He said that the only thing I would miss about the Pfaff would be the IDT (which in the 1980s was called IDF – integrated dual feed) and that Janome have the equivalent in something called Accufeed (sp? Making adjustments to a muslin to improve a garment’s fit is an important part of my sewing process. The IDT™ System is integrated with the machine and can be engaged or disengaged as desired. My old machine would sew … Thank you!! Support. … PFAFF® is trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. For this little piece, I prefer to use the narrow AcuFeed Flex foot with the VD sole. To use a machine without built in dual feed and having to put on the extra large walking foot can be time consuming and then having to remove it again. It is wonderful. I would like to add that if you use a walking foot you are limited to that one foot, but there are usually several different types of feet which work with the IDT. - Slim design, doesn‘t interfere when sewing. They were luxurious, elegant, and surely reserved for the most special of occasions. - A large assortment of presser feet for a variety of techniques. Pfaff had their patent expire for the IDT and Janome came out with the Acufeed with only the one foot for the Acufeed but have since come out with more. This machine has a darker indigo blue accent color than version 1 which had light blue accents. I am not loving the screw on foot changing with the Janome but I can live with that-just confused about how versatile and easy to engage/disengage the acufeed is, how many feet you can use with it. A lining can protect your skin from scratchy fabrics while shielding…. Pfaff had their patent expire for the IDT and Janome came out with the Acufeed with only the one foot for the Acufeed but have since come out with more. In a quick test at the store I wasn’t able to notice a difference between the built in system vs a walking foot on another machine like the Bernina. I have seen posts that the Janome Acufeed foot is a much larger foot. Home / Products / Accessories / AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2) ... *Note: This foot ALSO works on the Janome Skyline S9-Indigo version. The foot is specially designed to engage the AcuFeed system, and move the top layer of fabric in sync with the bottom layer. You may have to registerregister ). Although they are used for the same reasons in most cases, the method that they use to accomplish it is quite different. This accessory works with the following models: AcuFeed Flex™ Dual Feed Holder with AD Foot | Part Number: 859819017. PFAFF® offers an amazing number of presser feet designed for the Original IDT™ System! And it is a lot of fun. With the large range of specialty techniques available you can truly raise the bar for your creativity. * AcuFeed HP2 Foot | Part Number: 202415004. AcuFeed Dual Feed Foot | Part Number: 846570013. It doesn’t have to be broad or heavily padded, though. © 2019 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. New Topics; Member List; Calendar; Forum; Missouri Star Quilt Company; Product Discussion; If this is your first visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Quilter's Forum", be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Knit fabrics are not stretched out of shape. Read my reviews of Janome sewing machines! This accessory works with the following models: Products. This narrow foot has one upper feeddog. It is easy to achieve perfect topstitching - even on a quilt thanks to the even feed of the PFAFF® Original IDT™ System. Hi, Leslie. Does it work better? I bought a Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0 and I like it. Contact Us. Commercial patterns are drafted for a B-cup bust,…, A beautiful handworked buttonhole elevates a tailored coat and improves the look of simple designs. Over time, this task can aggravate or even cause osteoarthritis of the hands and…, Make It With Wool (MIWW) is an annual competition that strives to highlight the natural beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns. I recently bought a walking foot for my ancient but still-pretty-good Singer. For example, three additional feet (hemming foot, felling foot and blind stitch foot) in addition to the regular sewing foot could be used with the Pfaff 1222's IDT. You might try sewing a long seam with stripes with one of the machines you're considering to see for yourself. Threads Digital Ambassador Becky Fulgoni shows how she adds variety to her basic woven T-shirt pattern using different widths of bias at the neckline. It prevents puckers, and helps to match plaids and stripes evenly. When the feeding stroke is complete, the other section of the foot grips the fabric, the floating section rises, and is pulled back to where it can repeat the process. The IDT™ System is integrated with the machine and can be engaged or disengaged as desired. Learn about the different thread types so you choose the best for your project. Read how other sewers have experienced the IDT™ SYSTEM. Although a little late to the party, Janome also offers its AcuFeed technology system. Leslie, Bill Holman has characterized the differences for you very well. Learn how to add pattern markings, especially at darts and foldlines, to make your sewing more efficient. The AcuFeed Flex foot, which works with the SFS (Superior Feed System) upper feed system of a number of Janome sewing machine models, is the ideal foot for joining seams without shifting happening. The ultimate in piecing perfection. Get the latest including tips, techniques and special offers straight to your inbox. Pfaff is well known for the IDT Integrated Dual Feed Technology system. The portion that is holding it while it is being fed is floating free except for a gentle spring that will return it to its starting point after the stitch. I think the Janome works a little bit differently, my friend told me it was more like differential feed on a serger. A machine with IDT is much easier to engage or disengage the dual feed by just connecting or removing a lever behind the foot with 2 fingers. With the large range of specialty techniques available you can truly raise the bar for your creativity. All rights reserved. I saw them from time…, If you typically find that garments are too loose over and around the bust, you may need to make a small-bust adjustment. Sewing buttonholes by machine is unwieldy if the fabric is thick, and getting exact positioning…, A lining confers several advantages to a jacket or coat. I actually did quite a bit of testing with various fabrics, weights, seam allowances to test. I don't have a Janome, but have used on in the shop. Quilt blocks and piecing will match perfectly in every quilt project. Like the one they have with family or friends,…, Of all the tasks you perform when making sewn projects, cutting causes the most physical strain. I noted that Pfaff has the IDT system built right in for even fabric feeding and also the Janome has a similar Acufeed system.