Next, the bobbin may not be in its proper place or secured. Second, your presser foot may be up and the feed dogs cannot grab the fabric to push it through the needle. Under warranty go to your approved repairman and see if they can find the problem. the hook on your automatic needle threader to grab it. If you do not get through to your manual at those links outside of Janome are some other locations you can find an owner’s manual for your sewing machine. Janome Won't Stay Threaded Simple problems require simple solutions, The first place to check would be your thread is too short. It doesn’t matter who makes them. Understanding your Janome needle threader. Go for a heavier gauge needle. You will have to thread the eye of your needle manually if you use decorative thread, metallic thread, or transparent nylon thread. Janome has a long history of producing quality, easy-to-use sewing machines. You also If the wires are loose or frayed either tighten them up or replace the wires if you can. it. Another thing could be that everything is not lined up so it is protesting. I used to sometimes need to coax the needle threader to enter the eye of the needle by gently pushing it forward - then everything worked after that. Another thing could be that the threader isn't lining up correctly to go through the eye of the needle - that would also be a dealer fix. Your Thread Is Too Thick Check the needle and replace it with the correct one if that is the case. If those fixes do not do it for you then go to a repairman and see what they can find out. Next, take a cloth or a nice soft bristle brush and sweep those areas clean. Sometimes there is something lodged in there or out of place that keeps the foot pedal engaged. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Get your automatic needle threader spring replaced or do it yourself. You’ll be prepared to tackle almost any problem your sewing machine throws at you. Your needle must be in its highest position with your In this case, make sure you press the reverse stitch switch and hold it down. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. For example, a ballpoint needle is better for knit fabric than a sharp needle because it won’t snag and make your fabric run. If this is a problem, you can first try to rock the handwheel. If not, replace the pedal and forget about it. If not, you may want to check with a qualified technician to see what other solutions there are available to you. If it is a clutch problem see if the bobbin area is dirty and clean it. It is best to go to a dealer even with simple fixes when your warranty is in force. Just unclog the jam and check your manual if you need any help here. It also focuses on keeping your bobbin area clean and changing the needle after 8 hours of service. Needle Threader Not Working. A lot of home sewing machines are not designed to handle that amount of work and just quit on you. Replace your needle. There are at least 9 reasons why your Janome sewing machine is not picking up the bobbin thread. I turn the shaft with the screw driver. Next, both the bobbin and top thread are not in their correct positions. The little hook on your automatic needle threader that grabs your thread and pulls it through the eye of your needle can get bent. Finally, check the inner wheel to see if that can help solve your problem. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. My troubleshooting book walks you through how to solve the 20 most common sewing machine problems. The first place you should check would be your tension settings. Just take some time to look through the list to get the right one for you. The next simple cause would be that the thread was never under the presser foot when you started to sew. The spring inside your automatic needle threader is flimsy and breaks easily. Plan for at least a couple of hours for this to get done. Then peer inside and see if there is a build-up of lint and dirt. Unthreading your machine is one of the results when that takes place. Look for frayed or loose wires, connections and see if the power cord is attached to the machine correctly. However, the little hook on the threader could be bent or broken and that would require a trip to your dealer. We ofter hear customers telling us that their automatic needle threader is not working. This is more of a problem for older sewing machines. Your email address will not be published. If it does react but not successfully, then you need to clean and oil the machine. Get a copy of my book, Sewing Machine Problems and How to Solve Them on Amazon.