Must drink them separately with half-hour or one hour apart. If not, expose dried mushrooms to sun again for it to be transformed into Vitamin D). Reactions are classified in 2 categories: -. In order to benefit more cancer patient, please send your healing experience and feedback to: [email protected], Cancer Healing : With Compliments from Chong Min Liong 2. For diabetics, it can bring the sugar level down by producing more natural insulin in the body. Dear all, Anybody heard of a vegetable soup by a Japanese doctor Tateishi Kazu? • Lowering of body temperature, but this is normal. or looking to make extra CASH ! Burdock – 8 ounces  “The anti-tumour effect of Wuxing soup and its mechanism in inducing apoptosis of tumour cells mediated by calcium.”,, Daikon Radish (leaves & root) (Raphanus sativus) Restore injured joints and bone structure, 9. He resolved to fight for his life. When cancer strikes a family, what course of action should one take? • Heart problem: 300 cc of BR and 600 cc of VS. • Gall stones: 600 cc of BR and 600 cc of VS. • Other diseases: About 600 cc (2.5 cups) of VS a day divided in 3 rations before meals. Web. Strain and drink, the cancer healing soup This remedy works for some people. Put the remaining rice back in the water. It is not intended to replace the traditional treatments. Even for some last-stage cancer patients, cancel healing soup can lead to 100% remission. 11. Add the zucchini whole to the pot. When the cancel healing soup is ingested, it produces thirty different elements for fighting disease. Apparently, this soup is very popular in Asia to treat advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients. A person with a heart condition drinking both soups in 20 days will be able to regulate their problem by drinking three cups per day. It may not work for you. BACKGROUND. Cook another 2 minutes. • Don't drink the vegetable soup and brown rice tea together. Talk to a doctor about reducing medication, but don't stop medication right away. Add stock, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and kale. He used the concept of the five different colors as matched to specific vegetables. Must use stainless steel saucepan to cook. He based his cancer healing soup on the principles of Five Elements Theory, the harmonizing balance of the forces of yin and yang, acid and alkaline that engenders health as opposed to the imbalance, which leads to disease. Dr. Kazu’s soup contains powerful anti-aging and anti-cancer plants. FINANCING AVAILABLE Phone : 403-397-3833.