2 Why is job hazard analysis important? Learn the correct procedures for working at heights. It focuses on the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment. Job Safety Analysis Risk, Health and Safety Page 1 CRICOS Provider Number 00103D Version : 01/01/2014 Contractor’s Company Name Mirror Finish Painting Services Pty Ltd Contractor’s Contact Person Fred Smith Project/Task Paint walls and ceiling of main corridor Phone Number 0426 750 156 Location of Worksite SMB Campus, Building Z, Main Corridor A Job Hazard Analysis or JHA is a process for breaking down a task or process into its component steps and then evaluating each step for hazards. Job Performed By: Various VIPs Analysis By: Daniel W. Watson Work Supervisor: Various Approved By: Required Standards : and General Notes: Required Personal Protective Equipment: Gloves, eye … Check safety data sheet (SDS) of the paint or coating product for the selection and use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safe use of the product. Pinpointing these issues within different circumstances of a daily procedure is critical in ensuring an easy stream of business, as well as keeping an environment less vulnerable and protected. Home » Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) - Listed by Topic. A job hazard analysis is a technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards before they occur. A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an analysis of the hazards and risk associated which focus on identifying and controlling hazards. Ideally, after you identify uncontrolled hazards, you will take steps to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable risk level. Utilizing the JHA will provide a process for analyzing the work activities that will identify the tools, materials and equipment needed to develop work methods and procedures for accomplishing the task. A job safety analysis - also referred to as a job hazard analysis (JHA) and sometimes rolled into a risk assessment - can be conducted and used by any workers in an industry, but the most common use case is for industries like construction, oil and gas, mining, forestry etc. Job Hazard Analysis -Form 1 –page 1 JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS (JHA) Date: August 13, 2008 Park Unit: North Country National Scenic Trail JOB TITLE: Painting JHA Number: NOCO-04 Page 1 of 1 . Know the control measures of the identified hazards and associated risks. The workplace can bring hazards and dangers to the employees of a corporation. Lines of Service. Evaluate the work area for existing and potential hazards. Each hazard is then corrected or a method of worker protection (safe practice or PPE) is identified. Biosafety; Chemical Safety; Controlled Substances; Diving Safety; Environmental Protection; Equipment and Tool Safety; Event Safety ; Field Research; Fire Prevention; Food & Water Safety; Hazardous Materials; Laser Safety; Radiation Safety; Recharge Services; Training; Workplace Safety; Emergency? Additional requirements such as worker training, certification, authorization, or additional supervision may also be identified. The job safety analysis template discusses the importance of job safety and its capitalization. Select the correct ladder for the job.