No solo queríamos hacer otro ukelele colorido, queríamos que se destacaran. Kala Brand Ukuleles have been bestsellers in our store for many years. This page shows a variety of ukulele offerings from Kala ranging from custom instruments built entirely at their headquarters in Petaluma to import models that excel in value. Aside from being cute as a neon green ukulele could possibly be, it is seriously fun to play. Luca Uke 2,710 views. Our Top Pick. Review by Jason. The Kala Kiwi is a member of the Kala Novelty series, and is essentially the ‘sister’ model to the Pineapple Uke. Desde el diapasón de madera y el puente de madera hasta cada una de las 12 divertidas y modernas opciones de colores, estos Ukadelics están destinados a deslumbrar. Ukulele soprano Ukadelic by Kala KA-SU SUNSET - Duration: 1:10. 1:10. Enya Nova U Transacoustic Concert ukulele ... Ukadelic de Kala - Review - … KALA Kiwi Review. I believe they are the best selling ukulele line in the world market at this point. Cada color fue elegido a mano para que sea lo más llamativo posible. MARMALADE SOPRANO UKULELEIntroducing Kala’s all new solid color wood Ukadelic® ukuleles Every color was hand picked to be as eye-catching as possible We didn’t just want to make another colorful ukulele—we wanted them to stand out From the wood fingerboard and wood bridge to each of the 12 fun The Kiwi is a soprano sized Uke, measuring in at a petite 21 inches. If we had to recommend one instrument from this Presentamos los nuevos ukadelic® de madera de color sólido de Kala.