Features KEF'S 12th Generation Uni-Q Driver proving a … I love my LS50's but before you go out an buy a subwoofer ( of which I do not have nor need in my small room) look in the KEF manual and use the bass inserts the speakers came with. The -3dB frequency is the frequency you want to use when setting your subwoofer crossover – in the case of the LS50 that would be 79Hz. The sub did not dominate or muddy the sound of the KEF's when appropriately set for volume and crossover. If one is looking or … They are those foam inserts you place in the holes in the back of the speakers … Some will say that you should set the crossover point 10% … LS50 Meta features KEF's breakthrough Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) reducing unwanted sound from the rear of the driver by 99%. It turns out the 3001SEs weren't only built better, sound better, and solved all the issues the ls50 … Got them expecting to use them in my lounge and grabbed the 3001SEs thinking they'd be good as surrounds. The LS50 currently includes LS50 Wireless speakers, a wireless active variant with a built-in amplifier, and a D/A converter. I auditioned a REL T5 sub-bass (as they call it) for over 2 hours yesterday with the KEF LS50's and the same integrated stereo amplifier that I have. KEF LS50 Wireless ‘Nocturno’, by Marcel Wanders. The KEF LS 50 is THE MOST OVER RATED speaker in history.