Panexce PierreHeight: 5’10”Weight: 205 poundsAge: UnknownHome Country: USA. Contains Well Researched and Natural Ingredients. click below to view video . Elite Level Body Fat. The Skinny: Peterson placed 3rd at the 2018 and 2017 Olympia and that makes him the top contender for this title. Age: As of 2019, he is the age of 30 years. IFBB Men’s Classic Physique Professional Competitor 2. IFBB Bodybuilder, Body Transformation Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Internet Personality, Fitness Model, CEO, Classic Physique Athlete, Former Men's Physique Competitor. Your email address will not be published. keone pearson: classic allstar ready for his 212 debut | the ronline report keone pearson: classic allstar ready for his 212 debut | the ronline report written by ron harris 29 may 2020 share this page . In Keone’s own words; “Imagine doing that for 20 weeks straight—eating clean. He was 11th at the Arnold Classic Physique show last year. 1. Arnold Strongman Classic To Air On CBS, CBSSN, Kearney Wins Arnold Pro Strongman Australia, Earns Spot In 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, Arnold Pro Strongman: 2019 Australia Pro Strongman Preview, 2019 Arnold Classic Physique Competitor List. Emre is the 2015 World Amateur Classic Champion. That’s what I was doing and it all paid off.” – Keone Pearson. Wesley VissersHeight: 6’3”Weight: 230 poundsAge: 25Home Country: Netherlands. Keone Pearson. One is approaching 50 years old and is a former Classic Physique Olympia champion. Keone Pearson Height: 5’7” Weight: 180 pounds Age: 23 Home Country: USA. Greatest Physiques is the number 1 destination for the best looking bodies on the planet. Leagues. Ali EmreHeight: 5’9”Weight: 190 poundsAge: 47Home Country: Azerbaijan. Keone Madrid who is the age of 30 is a married man. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to take his passion for physical activity to the next level. David Martinez CamposHeight: 6’4”Weight: 240 poundsAge: 27Home Country: Spain. The Skinny: A former model and 212 pro, Curtis has been competing onstage since 2011. He will start his 3rd full season as a pro this year. subscribe to md today! Being instilled with strong discipline and work ethic from a young age, Keone carried over his childhood ethos to his first bodybuilding show in 2016 – taking 1st place at the NPC Lee Haney Games. There have been times his fellow competitors have been impressed with his presentation.2019 Arnold Classic Physique Competitor List. Bobby Wayne Pearson. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, Keone Pearson has the kind of physique Arnold used to talk about. He will be looking to make his mark in the Classic Physique division for the first time in Columbus. 212 Bodybuilding is a men’s division created to even the field for heavily muscular athletes who are at or under the requisite height of 5’5 and weigh under 212 pounds. His larger arms compared to his small waist are his stronger points. I like to say suffer sometimes. Keone Pearson’s drive, enthusiasm, and dedication to the iron sport has seen him reach the top of his craft in a very short space of time. Many of those athletes graduated to successful careers in the IFBB Professional League, a list that includes 24 Olympia and 38 Arnold Classic winners. Pearson also explains that he looks to the likes of Shawn Ray for inspiration at the 212 Division. Contestants are judged similar to classic bodybuilding, by size, proportion, symmetry, muscular development, and … George PetersonHeight: 5’7”Weight: 190 poundsAge: 35Home Country: USA. In these videos, Keone often mentions his mother and father and his main sources of strength and inspiration for his success. Certified Personal Trainer 3. Last year’s champion, and Classic Physique Olympia Champion Breon Ansley won’t be onstage this year so whoever wins can possibly be considered the No. The kind that kids and … The Skinny: Opara finished in the Top 10 at the 2018 Olympia. 10 men are from the United States. So who will be onstage in Columbus? Keone Pearson. All rights reserved. Keone is now a certified personal trainer and professional Classic Physique athlete whose main goal is to “inspire others; both young and old.”, Full Name: Keone PearsonNationalityProfessionEraAmericanClassic Physique Professional Bodybuilder, Certified Personal Trainer2010NationalityAmericanProfessionClassic Physique Professional Bodybuilder, Certified Personal TrainerEra2010. He is the 2016 NPC USA Middleweight Champion. The Skinny: Jones worked for a few years to turn pro but finally made it happen at the Team Universe in the Masters 40+ division. The Skinny: This will be Chikhaoui’s first time competing on the Arnold stage.