Step 6: Registration at Kodaikanal International School. <<438E10DBAA98FB4D8F3A34A7B6660F8A>]/Prev 428779>> Seeing is Believing Watch the Video Welcome to Kodaikanal International School, a unique school with an extraordinary history and tradition spanning well over a hundred years! �c �@l� ��! 0000002673 00000 n Whether it’s with our students, faculty, campus or alumni, there’s always something going on at KIS! The peaceful Palani Hills are home to this challenging educational program that expertly merges academic ambition with a range of rich extracurricular pursuits, shaping children into well-rounded, socially active, global citizens. Kodaikanal International School, Kodaikanal, rated 4.4 of 5 on SchoolMyKids. The school fee presently is Rs. 0000117907 00000 n %%EOF Kodaikanal International School (KIS) is a co-educational independent residential school offering education for grades P-12.It is located on 43 acres (0.17 km 2) in Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India.Kodaikanal is a hill station at 2,133 m (6,998 ft) in the Palani Hills, 121 kilometres (75 mi) northwest of Madurai.. xref KIS Fee Annual Fee (includes the following) Other Expenses KODAIKANAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL KIS Fee Schedule Academic Year 2019-20 LOCAL Withdrawal Fee Changes Notification of any fee changes will be given before 31 trailer Our keen focus on our students, commitment to quality and dedication to continuous improvement empowers … �7����˿&���o|��F~C���t�k�D�q|H_9. 0000120854 00000 n 25,000/- per term. © 2015 - 20 Kodaikanal International School. startxref �e��[��}�j�-d�|��U�A���;��>!�l���1��.��{)�����!�������:e�4#o0 �1� The School has been rated by 6 people. This pushes our students to become informed participants in local and global affairs and develop a sense of shared humanity – to truly become citizens of the world. 0000076113 00000 n Santhosh has been the Vice Principal at KIS from October 2017 and leads all the academic programs at the school, the KIS Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs. Get admission in kodaikanal international, PO Box 25, Seven Roads Junction, Kodaikanal 624 101 Tamil Nadu, INDIA by the help of Admission24. [�������e�A�4x�B6�IN0�Dz��d���j�ʠ-ST��P̿�ȯ�@:�pP �T7�\]=ϵ���=U��XIނx�`����)Z��Ћbч�s3(/�b�߬��5T�"I�0���r$�ۘ��Y*2[� ���M��D��:l�%�y���D�-7�D� 9U�Pт^[ѥ8�E�ѩ|�x��>j���*f�FV|��+�L�br��UT�kH1��B����*�W �+ q�* �����a ���}u�q_"~׉�j���SX�a+��Q?���ϣ�Q�_�W� ��;� %PDF-1.5 %���� Find details on Application Form, Contact Number, Website, Admissions, Reviews, Address, Map Location, Fees and Photos. With over a hundred years of international education in its history, KIS has high standards to match its high altitude. �V�j}�(��n6���6�*��}��Q������˟�lɟvW���������1�V��L�3��-��5�s�8�+�﹬���]}�d�^�n�t�����pl6K��aV��5c �� 0000001990 00000 n 0000008685 00000 n 0 0000114960 00000 n All Rights Reserved. 10,25,000/- per annum and incidental expenses are estimated at around Rs. 0000002119 00000 n 0000012870 00000 n The school fee presently is Rs. :��[��̛�iӬU�������3�ʴ�.���5��-JM��mq���$Ă�����-|�n'. Updating you on the fun and exciting things that happen here every day. ���zx=].O��������cF�|�|egEge�"G���Q�(r�9�eEeE}&?�����B~s.�\�w�x��3�9n��8�a^cgCgcgCgcgCgcgCgcgCgcOCOc7C7cC�r�,_XȻe3�Zl�x��יin���rD�s���������*|�� 7"� Top Best School in Kodaikanal offering IB PYP, MYP, DP | SchoolMyKids No refund will be given as of the first day of school. Average tuition fees for private universities in Portugal are slightly higher than public universities and average between €3500 to €3900 per year for all study levels. KIS lets you work in a multicultural environment with a wide range of highly qualified and experienced colleagues. H�\��j�@E���^&��WuU��� x1�3 KmGKB����20�GH}�-ԝn��}��.�9 �!�������mj�;�s�'y�ڮ�?����R�I��9\��iH�ʥ������1ILm�����l�.=���#\B?�̭׮ ����ח��e�Ӿ�������{��}�X�s�i�6\Ǻ SݟCRe�v�[���з����e�S�^OIU��,���,� yޒ��y~%�F.�S"���9� ��\��*�*=ك��`#xE^�٭D7�W�z^�W�z^�W��.�K��.��م� The KIS academic program prepares students for entry into the finest colleges and universities world-wide. 10,25,000/- per annum and incidental expenses are estimated at around Rs. 0000005816 00000 n 0000019664 00000 n For NRIs/Foreign Nationals the school fee is applicable as follows: School fee: Rs. in the school, a penalty of 50% of the security deposit will be levied. Contact info, Admission 2020-2021, Fee Structure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews. His responsibilities involve managing teachers, professional development of teachers, engaging parents and solving student disciplinary issues. A one-time Admission Fee of Rs.4,00,000/- is also charged. Someone from the admissions office or faculty will be happy to accompany you. It caters to pupils aged 10-18 that may enter the school as a boarder at age 10 years in grade 5. 0000001506 00000 n 0000049915 00000 n A security deposit to assure the student’s registration at Kodaikanal International School is required. 0000003715 00000 n 0000019882 00000 n h�b``Pc``9������A��X��,L�C7�[email protected]��"���U��L����N HT,-�����I \\�l�~�T [���Z`#����0��O`X����Ѳ�����A H�\�ێ�0����ܽX%�;H B"qуJ� lb��J�B���k��j$������8�V��n�g�~���������.���:��>�!ɥ��v����aLR��]fw� �s�\��7^��&^���ݽ&鷩sS?|��_��U���8�q'7�"�����'�r�NN�!�m�y{?��|̧�����#�=w�2Z7��,3��IJ��*qC���*�ޏ������Lz�,3�*�@�ҁt��Y���g� endstream endobj 98 0 obj <>stream A one-time Admission Fee of Rs.4,00,000/- is also charged. 0000017014 00000 n �y���ȩ���4qk�4� Here you can compare fees, reviews and timings. The parent/guardians of the student are requested to send a letter of acceptance to the offer of admission. Kodaikanal International School is an autonomous residential school with a broad college-oriented curriculum, serving young people from a wide diversity of cultures. 0000011136 00000 n If you’d like to get a better sense of our facilities, boarding arrangements and so on, you and your child are more than welcome to visit us and wander around! A way of reconnecting you with the heart of KIS. 0000004267 00000 n IB affiliated International, Coed Boarding School in Kodaikanal, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu from Nursery/Preschool to Senior Secondary School (XI-XII). 87 41 endstream endobj 88 0 obj <>>> endobj 89 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 90 0 obj <> endobj 91 0 obj <> endobj 92 0 obj [/ICCBased 111 0 R] endobj 93 0 obj <> endobj 94 0 obj [116 0 R] endobj 95 0 obj <>stream