Popular models in the Ibanez AEG range include; Ibanez AEG10II guitar, Ibanez AEG8E guitar, Ibanez AEG10NII guitar, and the Ibanez AEG8TNE guitar. The Ibanez Signature Guitar Range are some of the most popular Ibanez guitar models available and are some of the coolest guitars on the planet. Popular Ibanez Ukulele models include the Ibanez UKC10 uke, Ibanez UKS10 uke, Ibanez UEW15E uke, Ibanez UEWT5 uke, and the Ibanez UEW5 ukulele. Popular models include the Ibanez SR1300 Bass, Ibanez SR1305 Bass, Ibanez SR1820, Ibanez SR2605 5-string Bass and the Ibanez SR2600 Bass Guitar. As we can see from the products mentioned above, the Ibanez range of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, hollow-body guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals covers many different styles and tastes. Left Handed Ukuleles Effects Ibanez Spare Parts, Cases and Accessories Ibanez Amplification ... Ibanez AG Hollow-body Guitar. The Ibanez S Series guitar is also available as an Ibanez Premium S guitar which boasts stunning timbers and appointments. Completing the Ibanez electric guitar range is the Ibanez miKro guitar which is a shorter-scale electric guitar perfect for younger guitarists or the traveling muso. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Ibanez RGD guitar range starts with the Iron Label series with both 6 and 7 string models available. Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps, plus guitar accessories like tuners, straps and picks. The Ibanez RGA J Custom has been constructed by the highly skilled luthiers in the Ibanez Japanese Custom Shop and offers quality like very few guitars on the planet. The RGA Iron Label comes in both 6 and 7 strings and is some of the heaviest sounding guitars Ibanez has ever built. At present, there is one left handed Ibanez Artcore Expressionist guitar available. The Ibanez AEG Acoustic guitar is a high-comfort acoustic guitar with slim body design, spruce top, and mahogany body as well as Fishman electronics and a balanced tone. Unfortunately, there are currently no left handed Ibanez Artstar guitars available. We stock a range of the world's most popular brands and models, all back-to-front for you lefties to rock out with. Next in the range are the Ibanez SR Standard Bass guitars which have smooth and fast-feeling necks, powerful pickups and quality hardware with 5 and 6-string models available. Finishing off the range is the Ibanez Prestige S Series guitar which adds even more quality and finer appointments to the S Series guitar model. The Ibanez Troubadour Amplifier range is another compact offering by Ibanez and has proven to be very popular with traveling acoustic guitarists who want that crisp-acoustic tone without having to break their back lugging a PA system. metal machine specifically designed for down-tuning and with the heaviest guitar riffs in mind. Popular models include the Ibanez TMB30 Talman, TMB100 and TMB600 bass guitars. With two guitar stores located just south of Sydney in the Wollongong and Illawarra region, Haworth Guitars offer a relaxed and friendly environment to buy your new Ibanez guitar inside our guitar shops as well as on our online guitar store. The range consists of the Ibanez SR Bass, Talman Bass, BTB Bass as well as the AGB, AFB, AFR, SR Mezzo, and Upright Bass models. Adding extra levels of quality and craftsmanship are the Ibanez AF Artcore Expressionist guitars and the Ibanez AF Artstar guitars, namely the Ibanez AF95FM and Ibanez AF200 guitars respectively. The Ibanez SR Premium Bass Series is even more impressive with a big focus on playability and performance. The Ibanez SA Series guitar comes in the SA Standard model which has a smooth and slim comfortable body shape while adding the HSS pickup configuration, making it one of the most versatile electric guitars around. Other series in the Ibanez hollow-body range include the Ibanez AS hollow-body guitar, Ibanez AF guitar, Ibanez AFC guitar, Ibanez AG guitar, Ibanez AM guitar, Ibanez AKJ guitar Ibanez AFS guitar and the Ibanez AGS hollow-body guitar. The Ibanez AG Hollowbody guitar range includes the Ibanez AG Artcore guitar series as well as the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist models. With carved tops and some incredible timber options, the Ibanez SA electric guitar range is an impressive addition to the Ibanez guitar range. And finally, we have the Ibanez Prestige RGD guitar range which brings Japanese-Made quality to the RGD guitar. The AG guitar range has a slightly thinner body without sacrificing the sound. Popular models include the Ibanez AFC125 guitar, Ibanez AFC151, Ibanez AFC155, and the Ibanez AFC95 guitar. "Staff are awesome, very competitive pricing and a great range. It is a solid body guitar specifically engineered to handle the heaviest, most physically brutal music. The Ibanez AFR bass is a boutique bass guitar designed to be extraordinarily comfortable and playable with some of the best hardware, timbers, and electronics the bass world has to offer. The Ibanez AS Artcore Expressionist range offers a higher quality instrument with finer appointments and timbers. It is a solid body guitar specifically. The Ibanez FR Series comes in both the Iron Label Series as well as the highly-spec'd Ibanez Prestige Series. Ibanez has a long list of popular guitarists who have signature models including Paul Gilbert, Munky, Joe Satriani, Paul Stanley, Andy Timmons and of course Steve Vai. Then the range moves to the Ibanez Axion RGD guitars which have some incredible models in the range including some multi-scale guitar models. The Ibanez EWP Guitar is more of a Guitarlele with its ukulele size and steel-string design. Popular models include the Ibanez AG75G guitar and the Ibanez AG95QA. The Ibanez Iron Label FR range has super thin Wizard necks, impressive timbers and powerful high output humbucking pickups. Popular models in the Ibanez PF Guitar range include; Ibanez PC12MH guitar, Ibanez PF17ECE guitar, Ibanez PF15 guitar, PF15ECE guitar, Ibanez PF2MH guitar, and the Ibanez PF1512 guitar. Guild Starfire V with Guild Vibrato Tailpiece Semi-Hollow Body. Ibanez RG8570ZL-BSR J. One of the worlds most popular Overdrive pedals has to be the Ibanez Tubescreamer Pedal. Whether or not you like a fixed hardtail bridge or the Ibanez locking tremolo system, the Ibanez RG is a rock machine like no other. The Ibanez Artwood Vintage guitar range takes the Artwood range and adds an even more traditional approach to the models. Popular models in the Ibanez SR Standard range include; Ibanez SR305 5-string Bass, Ibanez SR300 Bass, Ibanez SR370E and SR375E Bass Guitars, Ibanez SR500E and SR505E 5-string Bass, Ibanez SR650E and SR655E 5-string Bass, Ibanez SR670 Bass, and the Ibanez SR870 Bass Guitar. Wanting to show some love for the lefties, we're taking things in a different direction with a full complement of left-handed electrics, acoustics, hollow bodies, and basses! The Ibanez BTB bass guitar is a high-quality bass without the high-end price tag. For a decade now, Ibanez has continued to energize the hollow-body … The Ibanez B50 Banjo and Ibanez B200 Banjo models are among some of the most popular beginners to intermediate banjos on the market. The Ibanez RG Iron Label series offers a range of guitars with quality timbers, pickups and hardware, and the Ibanez RG Premium guitars raise the bar yet again with a range of stunning select tonewoods, high-profile electronics, high-end hardware and a tone like no other.