", "Excellent service, delivered when promised and it is a terrific product. Especially since it obviously needs to be effective too. If you are all too familiar with the call of the wild, chances are, you love being in the woods. But remember, just about anything can be deemed an offensive weapon if you try! Remember, to buy any edged weapon in the UK (that is anything other then a ‘legal’ folding pocket knife) you must be over 18 years old. You wouldn't think that a magazine would be useful as a weapon, but they are actually quite effective. If you're in need of some tips and tricks to improving your personal security, our site has all of the information you need. The world around us is ever-changing and in order to stay safe, you need to change with it. Simply confirm, and you've joined our community of preppers, Prevention of Crime Act 1953. - Along with CONFISCATION of the weapon and a huge fine, you risk an even bigger chance of imprisonment. Great deals and prices!! ", "Received fast Alerting people in the area can be the only way of effectively dissuading violent attackers, so having a personal alarm is another option that we strongly recommend for solo travelers. Ikea 10" Cooks Knife - Buying requirements - pop into Ikea, pay, walk out. You can use them as tools to swing the light and pick up more velocity. Unfortunately folks, our rights are being eroded at an alarming rate. The massive amounts of scare mongering and genuine fake news that revolves around knife crime, has now reached fever pitch. You'll soon have to put in a written request to be allowed to fart before long...! In 2015 alone, criminals attacked 2.7 million people in violent crimes. These are useful if you know you're going into an area where you might get into physical danger with someone. By that I mean: When making your way to and from your destination, always keep it out of sight from anyone, do not have knife hanging from your belt or anything else that would cause alarm or concern to the public. Yes! 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They’re not exactly wron... Learning how to keep bears away is smart preparation for any excursion into their territory. Firstly, as a Prepper and a member of the UK public, you must know the rules and more specifically, self defence weapons  laws that apply during 'normal times' regarding buying, owning and using legal weapons in the UK. Similarly, defending what is rightly yours and ensuring all your efforts to prepare for a Doomsday scenario ARE worth it - it naturally follows that you have to be prepared to defend your family, your home and your survival supplies. Otherwise - again, your nicked mate. The use of stun guns is legal in most states. Additionally, there are a lot of customizations you can make with your choice of pepper spray. ", "Fast service, great product fast shipping. Because it is so versatile and easy to carry, we recommend that travels get one if they have the option. Quick and easy ordering and fast delivery of the stun baton. These are, of course, only useful if you're engaged in a fight with another person or need to show that you're prepared in order to scare someone off. They require a lot of practice though. As I mentioned earlier, anything can be used as a weapon if you so wish, so really it all boils down to how sensible you are during normal peaceful times. This does not mean you can just go wandering around anywhere in public with them..! Product is study well made In this article, we’ll dispel... Everybody wants to feel safe walking through the streets, but not everybody feels comfortable carrying a firearm. Said they will take care of everything. Imagine yourself walking down the street and out of nowhere, someone is coming straight at you with a big knife.