... Lidl - Sourdough loaf. People Are Making Christmas Sourdough Bread - And It Looks Delicious ... Lidl's Deluxe Pigs-In-Blankets Pizza Is Returning Next Week. Positive points are: really nice crusty crust and it has a really nice nutty flavour coming through from the sourdough mix. It’s a versatile bread, as it can be … The pleasure of savouring even the simplest meal cannot be underestimated and with a little bit of confidence you can transform any meal by adding a delicious bread or pastry. That's why at Lidl, since it's launch in 2015 we offer a large selection of fresh bread… However, like a lot of the baked products from my local Lidl … It has a decidedly different flavor than a traditional white or wheat bread, with — as the name suggests — just a bit of sour flavor. The baked products however have been a bit hit-and-miss. Sourdough is a fun bread. Entertainment You Can Now Get Paid … 2 days ago. Sourdough bread should only contain four ingredients: flour, water, salt and what’s known as a starter culture. This bread is definitely this. Lidl sourdough is good but doesn’t beat Peel & Stone in Harbourne or Maison Mayci in Moseley (their corn bread is also amazing) Posted 6 months ago Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total) Fresh Bread & Pastries at the Lidl Bakery.