Need a little help recalling some things to be thankful for? These little moments end up making the big moments in life. We get caught up in drama, worry, and weirdness, and suddenly, we’re losing sight of the things that really matter. Live in the Moment And Appreciate The Little Things My counselor once told me that depression is being stuck in the past, anxiety is being overly concerned about the future, but peace can be found by living in the present. Don't let it stay that way! It's the little things that mean the most. Live The Little Things is a wellness-lifestyle site for millennial women - Your go-to guide to sustainable living, dedicated to healthy recipes, clean beauty, mindfulness, wellness, and eco-travel. After time passes in a relationship, couples tend to grow apart. There are things that both of you can do to reconnect, rediscover, and become one again. Live for the times with music in your ears and the wind in your hair. I now no longer have to use my shoe as a makeshift hammer and it’s amazing. You can always work on making your relationship come alive again. Live for the little things because they will make you realise that this is what life is about, this is what it means to be alive. It also means practicing gratitude by noticing these everyday things that you take for granted so easily. 2. We’ve got you covered. Promising review: "I live alone, and this fits all my little fix-it needs whenever they occur. Because honestly, it’s the ordinary things that make life extraordinary. Below are 100 little successes, moments and items to be grateful for every day. However, by focusing on the good things, that are sometimes the most simple moments in life, it is much easier to see the beauty of life as a whole. Yes, there are always going to be hard times in life and obstacles we must overcome. Sometimes it seems that life gets away from us. Live for days when you’re surrounded by your favourite people who make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place. On everything that brings you even the smallest amount of pleasure. Appreciating the little things in life means that you focus your attention on what nurtures and sustains you in life. The beauty of life is in the little things.