These include eczema, widespread itchiness, weight loss, loss of appetite, confusion, fatigue, foot, ankle, or lower leg swelling, shortness of breath, fatigue, yellow or pale skin, and changes in blood sugar levels. The symptoms that exist during the first stages are different from ones during the latter stages. Cirrhosis of the liver is an extremely serious, progressive degenerative disease. Some include: Other organs near the liver can also be affected by Stage 4. These herbs are loaded with antioxidants and can fight off bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As always, it’s important to know what to expect during the different stages of liver disease. The patient may become confused and disoriented, and extremely sleepy. There’s an enzyme in radishes that helps to digest starches. Certain studies have shown that the vast majority of patients with stages 1 to 3 of the disease are still alive one year after their diagnosis. There is still the possibility of partial reversal of the liver cirrhosis in this stage. The medical treatments you receive will be based on the cause of liver cirrhosis. There are various causes of cirrhosis. But as liver failure progresses, the symptoms become more serious. Health Fact: Statistics show that up to 10% worldwide deaths include patients with liver disease. There is no cure for this stage of the disease. When there’s already major damage to the vital organ it makes the situation worse. If the transplant is successful and the new liver is accepted by the host, statistics show that 80 percent of patients live beyond five years post-transplant. Make sure not to remove the skins. Dr. Marchione and the doctors on the Bel Marra Health Editorial Team are compensated by Bel Marra Health for their work in creating content, consulting along with formulating and endorsing products. It can then lead to cirrhosis (liver scarring) so it’s critical to know about cirrhosis of the liver the last stage before death. This usually involves men drinking 3+ alcoholic drinks per day and women drinking 2+ beverages. In this stage, not enough scar tissue has been developed to show the clinical sign of liver cirrhosis. In many cases, the condition is triggered by long-term toxins like viral infections or alcoholic beverages. 16 muscular system diseases you should know about, Lower abdominal pain in women: Causes and treatments, Crepitus neck: Neck cracking and popping sound in neck, What causes bladder pressure and how to relieve it, Why is my urine orange? Stage 2. When that happens, blood pressure rises in an important vein when blood is unable to get into the liver. When a patient moves into the third stage of the disease, they are faced with many severe symptoms and will need a liver transplant in addition to other treatments for symptom management. Consider that the body can only process a small amount of alcohol in one day. Consider a high-fiber diet, which can help to improve liver function. This can have a negative effect on liver function. On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional. There is a risk of coma and death. The final stage of liver cirrhosis, stage four, results from immense levels of scar tissue present in the liver. This did not explain the death process of end stage liver disease. This article will lay out the stages of liver cirrhosis, as well as cirrhosis of the liver life expectancy. This results in a major health condition that results in the vein having high blood pressure. Persons with stage 4 cirrhosis have end-stage liver disease and urgent evaluation for possible liver transplantation is necessary. If you want the best results then mix up a juice blend with these fruits/veggies: cucumbers, radishes, and carrots. There are various symptoms that can happen including: If the patient’s condition progresses it can progress to Stage 4. Slurred speech, dramatic personality changes and agitation are examples of more severe symptoms. Liver cirrhosis is common in alcoholics and patients suffering from hepatitis B. In the final two stages of liver cirrhosis, a transplant can have a significant impact on the life expectancy of the patient. External symptoms, which are good indicators that your liver is not working correctly, are also prominent at this stage. When the liver can’t function properly due to scarring it could progress into cirrhosis. The liver is a vital organ and is needed by the body for various functions including: Various statistics show that liver disease is a serious problem in the world. If you’ve been diagnosed with cirrhosis the liver already isn’t fully functional. My husband, now my EX-husband because of his extreme drinking, is dying at the age of 58. This is the defining symptom of this stage of liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is a specific condition that occurs when healthy liver cells are slowly replaced by scar tissue. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They can also help to detoxify your liver. 3. Liver cirrhosis is a disease characterized by liver inflammation, which can have lethal effects on a person’s health. Liver cirrhosis can usually regrow cells after tissue damage. Your email address will not be published. By this point, the liver has broken down and a liver transplant is required to extend the patient’s life. Studies show that heavy drinking for 10+ years can often result in cirrhosis. Stage 3. In general, a patient in the final two stages of the diseases faces a shorter lifespan prognosis. Garlic/Onions. These are in addition to symptoms from the previous stages. The first stage is extremely mild. The liver begins to cause oesophageal varices, which are veins around the stomach or esophagus that become dilated or ballooned. The normal detoxification of ammonia to urea is stopped and its accumulation in the arterial alters the cerebral functions. According to the American Liver Foundation, damage from the inflammation and fibrosis stages of liver failure may be reversed and healed over time (if properly identified and treated). What is causing a clicking sound when I swallow? Cirrhosis of the liver is a late-stage consequence of liver disease. Radishes. The result is severe swelling of the liver and liver collagen production in an attempt to reduce the inflammation. Another good option is “cruciferous” veggies. Both of the first two stages of the disease offer the potential for some or full reversal of liver damage. It's agony watching someone you love die so slowly. The result is that it’s tough for healthy blood to move into the vital organ. Due to factors like unhealthy diet and lack of exercise the global rates of liver disease have been sky-rocketing in recent years.