Loras furthers his sister's interests by asking for Joffrey's hand in marriage for her, and Margaery, too, stays close to her brother and grandmother Olena who helps her gain more power and grow stronger. Margaery is first mentioned in A Game of Thrones (1996) and first appears in A Clash of Kings (1998). Queen Margaery Tyrell is the only daughter of Mace Tyrell and Alerie Hightower and the younger sister to Willas Tyrell, Ser Garlan Tyrell, and older sister to Ser Loras Tyrell. That note, we saw later, contained no words, but simply a hand-drawn picture of a flower. Olenna Tyrell nee Redwyne(grandmother) Margaery is closest to her grandmother as the two share a strong intellect and understanding of court politics and intrigue. She marries King Renly Baratheon, King Joffrey I Baratheon and, King Tommen I Baratheon. In the adaptation, Olenna is the matriarch of, and the true power behind, House Tyrell. She is also aware of and is generally unconcerned with her grandson Loras's homosexuality. In the books Margery Tyrell might be bisexual, she is always sorrounded by her girlfriends and never, ever alone. Margaery Tyrell wondered not so long ago on Game of Thrones. Lady Olenna, better known as "The Queen of Thorns", is the sharp-witted grandmother of Loras and Margaery. On Game of Thrones, the rose is the sigil of House Tyrell, and when Margaery gave her grandmother, Lady Olenna, a note with a simple drawing of a … She has had an extensive career in film and theatre, including playing the title role in "Medea", both in London and … Her family's bonds make it possible for her to be rescued by her father Mace Tyrell … That is, until Queen Margaery slipped her grandmother a note while encouraging her to leave the city. Her grandmother told her at the time, “You did wonderful work on Joffrey. Her grandmother told her at … She is a member of the House Tyrell, the second wealthiest and largest of the eight Great Houses in Westeros.She is sister to Loras Tyrell and the granddaughter of Olenna Tyrell.She subsequently appeared in A Storm of Swords (2000), A Feast for Crows (2005), and A Dance with Dragons (2011). Diana Rigg, Actress: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. British actress Dame Diana Rigg was born on July 20, 1938 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. After her return to from the prison of the High Sparrow, Margaery was given a subtle hint by the Sparrow that said he might just throw her grandmother, the Queen of Thorns, Olenna Tyrell into one of his cells. Alerie Tyrell Lady of Highgarden(mother)Margaery is closer to her mother than her father, she loves her mother dearly. There is no reason to believe the series Margery Tyrell is bisexual.