Itchy, watery, swollen eyes! It went on for days. I've barely told anyone about this because I felt so silly and gullible for being suckered in, but after finding this glorious sub, I've realized I'm not alone. They bought it. When I arrived, I was surprised to see the address had taken me too a run-down strip of office buildings. I've enjoyed reading so many stories like this, so I thought I'd share mine. 295. I used the face wash and I broke out in a rash and tiny bumps all over my face. Oops. She would not take no for an answer. Que I get the starter pack, went to one meeting and I was taken under this woman's wing. With each product we applied, BL and Erica graced us with fascinating stories about how much that particular product had improved their skin or the skin of their "clients". Fuck me sideways that's obscene. He had one of those catchy numbers with a good pattern to it. I woke up the next morning with half my face covered in itchy hives. Some of the products are okay, but their tactics are awful. She kept mentioning "the products" and said something about a short "presentation" and also indicated that there would be other people also getting facials at the same time. I hate how they suck you in by the whole “you deserve to get pampered at girls night” bit. I've read so many of these stories and it's awful. I was encouraged to make a comment into a full post. A tumbleweed rolled by. I know I must sound extremely gullible at this point, but please remember that my experience with MLMs was next-to-nothing (apart from that one Arbonne party, and my mom's wise advice to "not get involved with those rackets".). I stopped by a Once Upon A Child, a consignment shop for kids. After being on this sub I realize that she was in debt and wasn’t doing as well as she let on. I was her darling, she was so sweet to me, she was motivated, I started to believe she could teach me some things. A long hallway stretched from it, and at the end, there was a room with it's door open and the light on. I thought I had my out, I didn't really have credit or credit cards. If it does anything for you, the car she got is not hers. If she misses a target while driving a cadillac she can end up with a $900 copay. Everything but the lipstick, which is average at best. Hives! The only reason I stayed that long was because we'd at least been promised a free gift bag at the end of the night. She of course ran with it, ordered me a special inventory of product she knew were big sellers. He'd had to block her number, but wanted me to know in case I'd been hacked. She again wasn't going to take no for an answer. Posted by 1 year ago. I shop at Sephora and Ulta when I want something, no need for MK or products that I don't need or seek out myself. OP should post this entire thing as the text of a one star Yelp review on David's Bridal, warning future victims away from that store. At first I just felt gullible. Oops! I had a r/nosleep thread open earlier but didn't read it. Looking back, it's more funny and pathetic than anything. I feel like this is what I’m going through with a friend except it’s not MaryKay. I drove to the address Erica gave me. I remember typing it out now. Most of the lights were off. Overwhelmed with life I did my best to return what I could and also sell what I could at cost to friends and family. The ladies around me seemed busy texting away. It may be great to work from home but I enjoy going into an office nowadays, talking to people, getting a steady paycheck, 401k retirement plan, and medical insurance. I was on my own and now a MK failure. I don't have super sensitive skin, but I'm allergic to MK. I couldn't do that to any of my friends. Like literally the week my guy and I decided to get engaged (before the ring, announcing, etc) I had a “free facial for a bride” mailed to me. I walked through the door, and sure was the basement. Yes, Mary Kay has really been around for that long. I made up a name and number for that as well. Haha, I love reading r/nosleep, and about halfway through writing that post I started to feel like I was writing one of those stories instead. The people that somehow succeed always seem to be horrible pushy people. They led us through a series of steps.. "dab this on".. "rub UP, not down".. "apply this moisturizer".. it actually would have felt kind of good, but they only had us put the products on one side of our face. She offered to go to the credit union I had my car note at and ask about a personal loan. That starter kit is the bread and butter of every MLM. Then, a month later, I got a shocking email. I wondered why I left my house for this. She brought paperwork to show I would need to sell this many mascaras to make the payment, or pay off the whole loan, that MK was such a good company if it didn't work out they would buy the inventory back. And the month she fails to meet the selling quota (she eventually will because people quits like you) she will be expected and actually demanded to pay for the overpriced leasing. What gets me the most is that people usually don’t shop consignment because they are rolling in the dough. A Mary Kay Horror Story. Somehow, before I was even engaged. Blonde Lady bragged that Erica was one of "her girls" and that this was Erica's first Mary Kay presentation. Thank God for small miracles. BL finished with a long talk about how empowered she was, how great it felt to empower other women (with gestures to even-more-awkward Erica who by this point looked like she wanted to sink into the floor), and how much money she was making. Ending her grand speech with a final push of the starter kit ("Even if you don't want to become a rep, just buy the kit for the incredible deal on the product. I felt like I was doing Mary Kay 24/7. In the mean time, BL stood up, got very excited, and told us that in order to win more prizes, all we had to do is text her (and Erika) the contact info of anyone we wanted to share these exciting products with. I'd try to dodge it by saying I was to busy working 30+ hours at the restaurant and 40 hours at school. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it. MY enthusiasm, on the other hand, had been squashed like a bug. Now she was set on me getting and inventory. And shame on David's Bridal for giving out contact info like that. They distributed what looked like tiny paint pallets with minuscule amounts of product dotted on them. I cringed the entire time. I have it and I use it on my feet but it's way too abrasive for your face. "Near the end of the "facial", we were told to let one of the products work on our skin for a few minutes". Fuck that. "Hmm.. strange," I thought. Look how much product you get! She announced she'd wait until everyone sent her at least 10 names/numbers before we moved on. Some will say MK is "dual marketing." Being nineteen I was so naive and accommodating I agreed to let her give me a makeover. Mary Kay knows this will be the only purchase for a majority of new recruits, so they do their best to talk you into the biggest inventory purchase possible. Yes this does make me feel better. I still get dizzy thinking of the round and round I went to convince her I wasn't into selling MK. After wedding dress shopping at David's Bridal, I received an email saying that I'd won a free facial! Finally, she called and I was actually available to answer. I ended the makeover saying I needed to ask my mom, being eager to please people, I couldn't stand up for myself with a simple no thanks, I had to give a polite out. You're an amazing storyteller. They kept mentioning we'd get chances to win free "product" in order to spur our enthusiasm. They use religion, lies and bullying and guess what? It finally hit me that it's extremely scummy of them to take advantage of soon-to-be brides (or anyone else) who have enough going on already. The credit card went into collections while I attended school for the next two years and it took me years to pay off. I sadly tried to spread the moisturizer across the poor, neglected right side of my face as best I could, but it was no use. It was probably her agenda all along.