I was a little disappointed. well received by my family except for my eldest who don't take fish. The 2nd time I use is Tofu Fish. Feeling like eating it now... JasMine,What you see is what I got. After about 10 minutes, your tofu should be reasonably dry. When I saw the photo, I thought it was for daikon radish cake...yum! 3 pieces Japanese egg tofu. edamame soybeans (frozen and without pods). … Thank you. I just use a small saucepan to fry :)lyn,you may, but the flavour will be less... hmm.. goodShirley,Funny.. they pronounce 煮 as zhi there. I prepared everything up and put inside the fridge and when Im ready only take it out to steam. Steam on medium heat for 10 minutes (mine was done in 8 mins, you have to check it yourself. Add Recipe #369266 and cook another 2 minutes, stirring. May Y,Oh yes, definitely not familiar with it. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add salt. I can't wait to try it! and ur mixture looks so firm after steamed but mine was quite soft, and there's water condensed under the tofu after steamed.or maybe because of the sengkuang 0.o?? Looks so delicious! In a mortar and pestle, grind the sesame seeds. it almost reminds me of tofu croquettes. Show me how you went on Instagram! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Wendy. Do you make that as well? I love to eat this and yours looks perfectly delicious! The egg is a binder and the egg tofu is for flavour. BUT my family still enjoyed the tofu! Blend it the same way like the fish. Break the tofu … LOL. My brother's friend has a restaurant that makes it really well but they don't give out the recipe. 1 slice sandwich ham (30 gm) finely diced. Nowadays I record my time in my recipes so that i can remember.Ahh.. one day I will do a post for Random Sunday about kneading bread, just sharing what I find out, no where near a master yet, hahaha. The next step is to get rid of as much of the tofu's moisture as possible by squeezing out the excess liquid. Bolehkah saya salin resepi anda untuk saya cuba?saya seorang peminat tauhu...apakah bahan lain yang boleh menggantikan ham as I am a Muslim?..saya dahulukan dengan jutaan terimakasih Wendy... Queenie,Boleh, halal untul kegunaan peribadi ataupun diberi credit sumber dalam blog.Boleh pakai ham ayam. Yang Ming Shan was supposed to be the first destination of our trip. the tofu tasted nice but the shape were very ugly since the mixture wasnt set. Break the tofu into the mortar and add sugar and salt and mix/grind well. But if one day, I'm crazy enough to give myself more work and cleaning up to do, I will check your blog for this recipe. Can I omit the ham? Hi WendyTried this last nite, so yummy and crispy. Puree in food processor until smooth, then transfer to a large bowl and set aside. Mostly claypot with lots of mixed stuff of which is sooooooooooooo boring. My town don't have ready made ones. It turned out very well, and my hubby said to make more next time! Oh yum!!! Wendy,Do you use cling wrap to line the pan? But you can try greasing the paper first, let me know if it works. 1 tbsp cornstarch. delia,Hmmm.... maybe change to chicken paste for her? No water droplets at all. 2 tbsp finely sliced spring onions and parsley ( can use coriander ) 2 waterchestnuts, finely diced. i had ate b4 at my hometown restaurant, so call their "signature tofu" .eat with Thai chilli sauce more yummy. I love this dish, my kid too! Dear Wendy,The tofu was very very well received on my second attempt! Hi Wendy,Is glad wrap alright for steaming?Cheers, nana0709,I used Glad too.I just don't trust those cheapo Made in China ones :p. I loves this dish very much as I used to order this whenever we eat out at the "Tai Chau". Wendy, son of Ah Sor is not so Sor afterall! Shouldn't be a problem with store bought.Shu Han,Good for potlucks, try this for your angmoh friends ;). Signature tofu can be any tofu, or maybe this is their most special.Maybe make this the next time you entertain :)Perfect make ahead dish, and just fry it before serving.Mom's the little one,I hope your daughter loves this, and perfect for cutting into cute shapes :). Now tarak lehangeline,not many steps la, actually very easy, mix steam cut and fry. … I suggest you check it at 8 mins, so that you will not oversteam. Mel,Mine is as dry as what you saw. thanks so much for sharing! I remember my mom making this a long long time ago and they were good. Thanks for sharing this. Oh, I know this dish. Depends.. some dough is 20mins speed 4, some only 15 mins speed 4. Recipe Courtesy of House FoodsThe addition of cauliflower and tofu to your traditional Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, fortifies this typically, not-so-healthy side dish with protein, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6. Thank you so much for any suggestions that you might have in mind. Anonymous,It's 390gm. It looks yummy... By the way, do you think I can substitute the fish paste with minced meat instead? Heat remaining oil in another pan, over medium-high heat. I really wanna try this recipe. Does ur tofu come out a lot of water after steaming? This looks so good! What about using baking paper to line the pan? Thanks.Debby, Hi wendy, i made this twice but when i steamed the mixture never set. Wish I can achieve the texture and firmness like what you did. can i use store bought fish paste, like the one by wei-chuan, not sure if you are familiar with that brand. Mackeral fish paste is firmer than other fish's. Fill a bowl with ice water. Mel,Take note that tofu fish is softer and has less binding properties compared to mackerel.If you want to use tofu fish, and if you made the paste yourself, try to reduce the water.If you used a pot to steam, there could be droplets of water. FYI, mackerel fish paste has the best binding properties.I suspect you didn't steam it immediately? Sharon,Weird right, dishes can go extinct, LOLCheah,Ipoh don't have? Mel,It won't stay crispy for long, only while it's hot. When everything is prepared to combine, place them all together in a large mixing bowl and combine them all together, just before serving. It was nice that you got a big platter of them made for you! Add onion and cook until transparent (approximately 3 minutes). Set aside (but keep it warm). I really dislike fish (especially fishy taste). I'm too lazy to prepare fried tofu at home, so eat outside :). Icha-icha,Yes, you will only lose the crunch factor. 125 gm fish paste. Would you think I coated the Potato flour too much on it? I forgot that I added 2 extra egg yolks plus one whole egg because the egg yolks were left unattended after I used the egg white for marinating chicken wings! By the way, wanted to check with you How long for you to take to pass window pane test when you use your heavy duty KA mixer to knead bread dough? Solid piece. Add tofu and cook another 2-3 minutes, stirring, until cubes are beginning to colour. This signature tofu still serving in restaurant here. Supposed to be, but weather played with us, so we ended up coming here on reconstitute hijiki by leaving them in a bowl of water for about 20 minutes. Can I use tapioca flour to coat? Your email address will not be published. Wendy,This is very delicious. Learnt from my friend and she also add white tofu. Cheers!DavidKoh. Crispy Mashed Tofu - adapted from Wendy. No water. Have eaten something like this long,long ago in some 'Ta chau' place in Cheras. *1 you can substitute with any vegetables you like. Tofu dressings Put paper towel around the tofu and put a weight (like a plate or bowl) on top of the tofu for 15 minutes to take out the excess water. Dear Wendy,I tried your recipe last Sat but it did not turn out like what you have made, the tofu was too soft and have to coat with alot more potato starch to fried it for because I added one extra tube of Tofu and 200g of ready made fish meat I bought from market. Happy Weekend. Cook spinach in boiling water for a minute. This masterpiece is looking sooo, soooo evilish handsome with great taste!!! Drain and squeeze out the excess water. Oh, and I need to commend you on your knife skill... all your ingredients chopped so finely and neat! Hi wendy,Looks great! *Add to loooooong list of recipes to try*. Can I just use japanese tofu that doesn't contain egg? Do u think it could be because I used three 160g of egg tofu such that it is too wet? My mum had tried to cook b4 this dishes but always...too wet or too soft and cannot cut to pieces to fry. The ae is a little more difficult to translate, but roughly means “to mix” or “mixture”.