We recommend growing mesclun from seed as it is very quick to germinate and mature and you can get multiple crops in the season. Can I grow mesclun indoors? Plant rows 4 to 6 inches apart. When to Plant. Height and spread: 15cm (6"). Sow all the year round for a constant supply of freshly picked salad leaves. Most of the greens in mesclun mixes are cool weather loving, so sow seeds 3 weeks before your last frost date — April and May. You can grow mesclun in partial shade, about four hours of sun daily. Growing Guides Growing Guides Growing Guide to Flowers Starting Herb Seeds Other Helpful Information Other Helpful Information Other Helpful Information Seeds Per Gram Guide Vocabulary for Beginning Growers How to Start Seeds The 11 Easiest Italian Vegetables to Grow Spring Planting Guide Fall Variety Recommendations How to Test Seeds for Viability Italian Seed Pack Vocabulary How to … Sow another crop in late summer for an autumn harvest. Even if you’re not selling it, you should still grow mesclun mix. Continue sowing seeds every few weeks until early summer. If you’re a first time gardener you may find it easier to grow from seedlings, rather than seeds, although seeds are a more economical option. Sprinkle your seed in the depression, at a rate of 4 to 6 seeds per inch of row. Perfect for adding to mixed salads, sandwiches and garnishes. Prepare. If you eat salad every day (or twice a day, as I typically do in the summer), that adds up! The seed pods can typically be allowed to dry out on the plant. Seeds can be saved from any type of green, if the plant is allowed to bolt to seed. They are typically cultivated 2-4 times, and not allowed to go to seed. Mesclun greens are typically enjoyed as a quick, convenient, and flavorful addition to your salad bowl. Can I grow mesclun in the shade? You can make your own mix. Here’s why: You can save a whole lot of money. Salad Leaves Mesclun Mixed Seeds, average packet contents : 1000 seeds. Cover loosley with dirt. Salad Leaf Mesclun Mixed is a lettuce based Salad Leaves blend, with a colourful mix of Red Batavia, Green Batavia, Little Gem, Tango, Red Salad Bowl and Cerbiatta varieties. Only: £1.29: Availability: In stock. Put your money into seeds instead, and grow your own. Growing mesclun in the garden affords a healthful, convenient and cost saving way to enjoy these greens. What could be easier? Press the soil firmly in place in the row. As I said, mesclun mix retails for $12/lb. SAVING SEEDS. Even growing and stable, this salad leaf mix can be sown virtually all year round. Since the greens are harvested when very young, growing mesclun mixes is a no brainer. Our attractive Salad Leaves 'Mesclun' Mixed combines an eye-catching blend of lettuce varieties with a leafy texture and mild flavour. Check seed packets or plant labels for individual planting instructions. To plant mesclun in rows, define a straight row with a string and drag the edge of a tool along the soil inline with the string to make a 1/2 to 1 inch depression. Seed, water and harvest. Yes, you can grow mesclun inside under lights or in a sunny window.