During the lockdown I was doing some sanding and couldn’t find dust masks. Further details in the disclaimer. The smaller on board tools simply push onto the tubes while the floorheads have a secure clip. I’ve made the Cat & Dog unit from right the biggest, since this is my main recommendation, but we’ll see about that later. Have you got a Harvey Norman or Bing Lee closeby?,, Either that or buy them online. I spoke to Miele who replaced the machine with a brand new one. Wouldn't even accommodate my request for it to be couriered. Try this : https://www.miele.com.au/professional/customer-support-52.htm, Hi Penny, we apologise for the inconvenience of this however we are unable to answer this question at this time. This time they collected it and sent it to get inspected. Purchased in June 2020 at Harvey Norman for A$699.00. After that, bags last about 18 months and we have a dog that sheds hair. }; A good value and very effective bagged cylinder vacuum on all surfaces. config = { Purchased in July 2020 at Harvey Norman for A$649.00. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. Similar opinion? The Miele C3 is definitely a family size vacuum cleaner, it has the power and clean well BUT its quiet heavy ! As far as its color scheme is concerned, it only comes in lotus white.Canister vacuum cleaners have some inherent advantages compared to other types of vacuums, including more power, greater ease of use, better maneuverability, more ad… Click here to view the vacuum’s price. The best alternatives, assuming you want a cylinder vacuum cleaner, are the Dyson DC54 Animal and the Miele’s own C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine. Hi Penny, we apologise for the inconvenience of this however we are unable to answer this question at this time. I first purchased a c3 dog and cat vacuum when I moved here due to the carpet. PlacementID: 'plte5ygLBZuT8RrDXzB', Whether you’re jumping into your first vacuum purchase or looking to upgrade to a shiny new machine, you’ll want to have the best knowledge possible on hand. Perhaps Miele should get their CEO to use each new vacuum before it comes on the market? The good hose reach and telescopic tubes mean we could get to half a flight of domestic stairs from the top and the other half from the bottom, so covering the entire flight without needing to place the cleaner on steps. Just the bags. Hi Natalie, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. ead seems lighter than Dyson but metal handle was extremely heavy; needed 2 hands to hold up. I’ve had no issues with it at all. I researched before I purchased and Miele had the best reviews. Glad to hear things are going well. Feel free to reference this above if you think it to be any use and let me know if you do and i will reference this article in ours regards. If you hop onto Google and type in ‘Christmas gifts for Dad,’ you’ll likely be met with a barrage of ads for personalised beer glasses and novelty socks. He currently serves as consultant editor to the UK's electrical retailer's a…. (function (v,i) { TurboTeQ Brush – The TurboTeQ floor head that is included with the C3 Cat and Dog model contains an efficient suction powered brush.The dual brush and suction action works great on carpeted flooring to pick up pet hair, as well as embedded dirt and debris. This is the second miele vacume cleaner i have and both had the same issue. In fact, on short pile surfaces and the high power setting, the head limpets itself on to the carpet, requiring a very firm hand to move. The brushes have only very small cut-outs for air flow to stop the head sticking through suction to the ground. FontSize: '', It lasted about 20 minutes before the vacuum died and gushed smoke. The BEST vac on the market. It has strong suction power, a lightweight design and a relatively large capacity, while the two floorheads make short work of both carpet and hard-floor cleaning. The first is the Turbobrush head, which while labelled Cat & Dog is identical to the Turbobrush supplied with the Total Solution model. Kind regards, Joel. i[btoa('video intelligence start')].init(config); I have two cats who sheds a lot a 4 yr old and newborn plus my husband and I loose a lot of hair too. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Review | Trusted Reviews There are cheaper options available, but the C3 Cat and Dog more than justifies its price for pet owners. I was told that I had to take it to some place in an industrial area without public transport. Its close to edge cleaning was also exceptional, with little or no powder showing against the skirting board.