Ayana Linval . Our small breeding owls | Owl breeder Wings - Owl Owls | Owl breeder Wings - Uilenkwekerij Wings - Eulenzucht Wings | Little Owl (athene Noctua) Dutch name: steenuil German name: steinkauz Body Length: 21-27 cm Wingspa | Home,News,Our big breeding owls,Our midsized breeding owls,Our small breeding owls,Our Other Birds of Prey,Breeding and Raising,Reviews,For … These animals need an open field for grazing and exercising, as well as a salt lick and hay for maintenance. Owls As Pets; Bird Extinctions; Owl Blog; Contact us ; Adopt An Owl. Source(s): whet owl pet: https://biturl.im/DUCld. 0 0. I've seen people on youtube with "pet" Owls, but I don't know if it's their pet. The Perfect gift. 2) If it is not illegal, where can I buy one? I'm talking about the owls that aren't native to North America.I know that any bird native to the US is illegal to keep as pets,unless they are some sort of fowl (for instance:chickens,roosters,ducks,geese,turkeys,pheasants,pigeons,doves and maybe swans).So,is it legal to own an owl if it isn't native to the US,or do you need a permit or license to keep one even if it isn't … Adopt an owl and give your loved one, friend or colleague a gift with a difference. If you are in the US and you are not a licensed falconer, it is 100% illegal for you to have an owl as a pet. Baby Owls Cute Baby Animals Animals And Pets … Questions: 1) Is it illegal to own a "pet" Owl? Saved from skunkwire.com. Saved by SkunkWire. I'm not too sure, but usually the laws … If you live out in the country, or have a nice large backyard, consider adding a mini donkey to your family. Perfect as a gift with a difference and ‘help save the world, one owl at a time‘ View our amazing owls below, just click an image to read their story. I looked on the internet and it doesn't say anything about owls being sold or bought being illegal, especially since this specific owl is not endangered or threatened. Baby Owls. Does anyone know where I can buy/adopt a saw-whet owl or eggs?? 6 years ago. Thank you for your help if you decide to answer. It’s also important to note that they can live for about 25-35 years, so deciding on this animal as a pet can truly be a lifelong commitment. Oh, and cool pics about Mini owl.... Also, Mini owl... photos.. . None of them. I've sent messages but they have not been returned to me, and if it isn't illegal in Michigan to own a pet Owl, I think I may just get one. Saw-Whet Owl as pet ? Lv 4.