Error rating book. They see a lot, so they expect a lot.”, “The highest quality of thinking cannot emerge without learning. Wiseman describes a relationship where the manager acts as a talent developer and people who seek to be develop flock to work for him. This creates organizations that are free from the nagging need of the leader’s rescue.”, “But if people aren’t aware of their genius, they are not in a position to deliberately utilize it. A Talent Magnet practices the following: 1. Instead of it being Matthew’s strategy session, it became a forum for a diverse group to voice ideas and co-create the strategy, and 2) Matthew increased his own credibility and presence as a leader. ANTOINE DE ST. EXUPERY”, “Multipliers aren’t “feel-good” managers. April 14, 2020. They utilize people to their fullest. New content, straight to your inbox, twice a week. We’d love your help. I’m just a really satisfied customer who wants to let you know where you can get some great products. Easy-peasy. I gave him five poker chips, each worth a number of seconds of talk time. So when I heard that Wiseman had a revised edition of her Multipliers book coming out, I sent her an email praising her keynote and she generously sent me an advance copy to review. I had the privilege of working under a manager who was using this book as his guide to management, and to this day I list him as the person who has … Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And, to change the conversation, people would need new words, especially words about behaviors that would lead to winning results.”, “The Diminisher is an Empire Builder. …the best leaders ask questions and let other people find answers. It isn’t just how intelligent your team members are; it is how much of that intelligence you can draw out and put to use.”, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Welcome back. Again the CEO dug deeper. The Empire Builder is also good at bringing talent but they underutilize it because they are not willing to spend the time developing the team and instead hoard all the resources for their personal benefit. When you take the pen to add your ideas, do you give it back? By exercising some leadership restraint, everyone was heard more, including Matthew as the leader.”, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, Multipliers, Revised and Updated: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. They “quit and stay.” It”, “Leaders rooted in the logic of multiplication believe: 1. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. or someone around whom other people grew. Disclaimer: FTC watchdogs will probably want you to know that the authors represented did not ask for this endorsement, nor did they provide me with free swag in order to do so (unless specifically mentioned otherwise on the particular page). One was worth 120 seconds, the next three worth 90 seconds, and one was worth just 30. pg 5: The person sitting at the apex of the intelligence hierarchy is the genius maker, not the genius. You will challenge yourself and all your capabilities. Chapter 1: The Multiplier Effect. . He is a source of power and a tail-wind for what we do.”, “Matthew is a smart, articulate leader. Refresh and try again. “You know you are signing up for something that will challenge you on a daily basis for many years to come. A better work book than a read through, Multipliers is full of great advice for managers and leaders. He knows that less is more, and he never wastes an opinion.”, “CREATE SAFETY FOR BEST THINKING (THE YIN) Share their view last after hearing other people’s views Encourage others to take an opposing stand Encourage all points of view Focus on the facts Depersonalize the issues and keep it unemotional Look beyond organizational hierarchy and job titles DEMAND RIGOR (THE YANG) Ask the hard questions Challenge the underlying assumptions Look for evidence in the data Attack the issues, not the people Ask “why” repeatedly until the root cause is unearthed Equally debate both sides of the issue”, “Don’t just identify the problem; find a solution.”, “After several years hanging in there hoping for things to improve, he found himself stuck in a dying organization, watching his opportunities fade. Most people in organizations are underutilized. Multipliers focuses on this key question, that consumed Wiseman’s research team for years: According to one of his management team members, Jim Barks-dale, former CEO of Netscape, was well known for saying, “If you don’t have any facts, we’ll just use my opinion.”, “Ray has learned the importance of restraint in leadership. How do you want to be remembered as a leader? JOSEPH JOUBERT”, “Yes, certain leaders amplify intelligence. Soon Brian became one of the walking dead that roam the halls of so many organizations. He is highly demanding, but you feel great. But still: buy it. The executive team began to dig into the facts in a summary analysis. I’ve quoted my favorite line from the book in a couple of posts (which you can see here and here), but it’s time to give a little more. Danny Franks © 2020. On the outside, these zombies go through the motions, but on the inside they have given up. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, “When leaders teach, they invest in their people’s ability to solve and avoid problems in the future.”, “Perhaps these leaders understood that the person sitting at the apex of the intelligence hierarchy is the genius maker, not the genius.”, “The Diminisher is a Micromanager who jumps in and out. Multipliers Quotes Showing 1-30 of 159 “When leaders teach, they invest in their people’s ability to solve and avoid problems in the future.” ― Liz Wiseman, Multipliers, Revised and Updated: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter The book was like her talk – nearly everything she says is quotable. Or does it stay in your pocket? I fell in love with Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter from the first few pages. Instead of encouraging him, I gave him a challenge. But what is it that these Multipliers do? I only promote books that have benefitted me and that I believe will benefit you.