Start studying Unit 8: Basic Nursing Interventions Related to Oxygenation. Plan ahead so you do not run out of oxygen. Oxygen therapy latest news. Your Care Instructions. Here are some tips: Oxygen does not burn, but it does support combustion. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Oxygen therapy - delivery of oxygen at a higher concentration than room air (at a higher FiO 2) - is used to treat hypoxia, which is a condition of very low concentration of oxygen in the tissue. See Table 5.5 for precautions and complications of oxygen therapy. ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATES THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURE A9 Nursing Skill STUDENT NAME _____ SKILL NAME _____ REVIEW MODULE CHAPTER _____ ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Description of Skill Indications Outcomes/Evaluation CONSIDERATIONS Nursing Interventions (pre, intra, post) Potential Complications Client Education Nursing Interventions Katelyn Stanich Oxygen Therapy 19 Supplemental oxygen … Encourage client to stop smoking. An elderly client is susceptible to oxygen-induced respiratory depression. Oxygen therapy can make it easier for you to breathe and can reduce your heart's workload. You may use it if you have a disease that makes it hard to breathe, such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lungs), or heart failure. Home Care Interventions 1. The contents indicator or pressure gauge on your tank tells you how much oxygen is left. Maintain low-flow oxygen therapy. When administering oxygen to patients with known CO 2 retention, watch for signs of hypoventilation, a decreased level of consciousness, and apnea. 3. Assess the home environment for irritants that impair gas exchange. There are substantial health benefits for elderly clients who stop smoking (Foyt, 1992). Nursing times for peer-reviewed clinical research, clinical trials, nurse CPD, nursing ideas and practice innovation for all nurses. It is important to learn to use your oxygen equipment safely and effectively. Have a back-up oxygen supply in case of emergency. Oxygen therapy can have harmful effects, which are dependent on the duration and intensity of the oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy helps you get more oxygen into your lungs and bloodstream. 2.