Paul du Quenoy is a private investor and critic. interconnect/it, A conflict of worldviews: compulsory sex education, Giving straight white men all the best jobs isn’t always good news. The Paul du Quenoy Prize . Florida’s charms seem to be working to transform them. Receiving no explanation in response to inquiries about the book’s bizarre disappearance from the publisher’s website (at this time of writing it remains listed on Amazon, though noted as “currently unavailable”), Gilley believed, not unreasonably, that his book had been “cancelled” and requested a return of the rights. Hello, groupthink, but hardly anyone has observed the grating and most colonial irony that a subject of Her Majesty the Queen effectively caused the cancellation of an American publication. Paul du Quenoy is a private investor. But as the older generation of émigrés yielded to its American-born descendants, Cuba policy started to register as a lower priority than the standard American political issues of concern to Generation Xers and millennials. Is this so surprising? I’ve known a number of blueish transplants who’ve awakened to the idea that their lives will likely be happier in Florida’s low-tax, balanced-budget environment. He expanded his margin of victory from 1.3 percent to 3.2 percent, taking a majority rather than a plurality and winning 1 million more votes here than he did in 2016. Transplants from northern states, whether the newly retired or of the young professional set, tend not to be colonists coming to impose alien progressive values on Floridians, it appears, but refugees seeking to escape them. Has the vanguard of wokeism taken over the realm of academic publishing? Music directors who fail to provide any direction in times of crisis, The Brexit Party is readying itself to oppose a bad deal with the EU, Site designed and built by Send a question or comment using the form below. He holds a PhD in History from Georgetown University. What is the problem with a book series about “problems” of “anti-colonialism?” Apparently, from the point of view of Moufawad-Paul and his supporters, anything that opposes “anti-colonialism” ipso facto observes some sort of “good” in colonialism and is therefore unacceptable and even “white nationalist” in perspective. What of those blue demographics? ... Ironically, given her Twitter outburst, her most visible scholarly work is a book about a nineteenth-century Russian noble family and its evolving sense of the private sphere in a changing society. With legislative supermajorities in Albany, Democrats look poised to push the state even further leftward. … ... Gilley himself took to Twitter, where he compared Moufawad-Paul and his supporters to the Taliban, and to the Wall Street Journal, in which he published a lengthy op-ed bewailing his fate and calling for more freedom and diversity of opinion in his toxic profession. Paul du Quenoy. Recent international developments doubtless play a role in Florida’s election outcome as well. The Paul du Quenoy Prize is an annual award recognizing individuals who have exposed absurd or unethical practices in academic institutions and media organizations. No matter how 2020 plays out in the recounts, courts, House of Representatives, or streets, whoever gets the Republican nomination in 2024 can likely count Florida in his column. Gilley’s cancellation quickly went viral, with sympathetic articles appearing in the London Times and elsewhere. As of this writing it has not done so, but rather maintained, however unconvincingly, that its removal of Gilley’s book from its website was merely for “review” purposes, and that the series was cancelled only because there were allegedly no other books yet submitted in it. In 2018, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis won office with a margin of just 0.4 percent over Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, a highly touted progressive Democrat. It never does, How the UK has been scared into submission, The only remaining options for the UK are lockdowns or doing nothing at all. Listing misogyny as a hate crime could have grave implications for freedom of speech, Universities need to rescue the teaching of history from grip of woke ideologues, The Contrarian Prize celebrates British public figures that have the chutzpah to challenge the status quo, In Brideshead, the overriding feeling is that surely the punchline is to come. This message may be routed through support staff. They’ve been joined in Florida by new Latino immigrant communities of Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, disgusted with what leftist governments have done to their former countries. Find Paul du Quenoy's email address, contact information, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media and more. On 30 September Rowman & Littlefield, once a respected American publisher, tersely tweeted that its scholarly imprint, Lexington Books, “has cancelled its planned book series ‘Problems of Anti-Colonialism’ effective immediately.”, No publisher ever returns the rights to any book unless something is seriously wrong. Books September 2018 Paris when it sizzled. Luke Coppen. Trump won the state narrowly in 2016, a year when Hillary Clinton prevailed in the national popular vote but lost Florida by just over 100,000 votes. I never have been and never will be moved by cancel culture or the revolting sensibilities that enable it. The dead Kennedys: Joe blows it in Massachusetts. 4 October, 2020. ... City Journal on Facebook City Journal on Twitter City Journal on YouTube City Journal on Instagram City Journal on Flipboard City Journal RSS. Paul du Quenoy 10 July 2020 4:52 am Earlier this week, a motley assortment of about 150 sententious bourgeois liberals, joined by a couple of Chamberlain conservatives, diminished… Most Popular One must be an extremely committed Democrat to be willing to pay punishing state and—in the case of New York and a handful of other progressive locales—city income taxes in exchange for rising crime, decaying public services, and increasingly race-obsessed local government administrators. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images. Gilley himself hinted at a silver lining in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, confessing a “ghoulish satisfaction” in the vastly greater publicity the scandal would bestow upon an otherwise obscure book by an obscure college professor about an obscure colonial official. Gilley’s foresight was justified. In today’s climate, work and scholars like Gilley are rapidly running out of welcoming homes. Follow me on Twitter. Paul du Quenoy. Copyright © Try three issues of Britain’s newest magazine for £5. Why should we expect BBC lifer Tim Davie to end BBC bias or high pay? Tellingly, Moufawad-Paul also noted that Rowman & Littlefield previously published a number of anti-colonial scholars and argued that no honest publisher could publish work that might disagree with theirs. California governor Gavin Newsom fails to follow his own restrictive Covid-19 policies. For decades, its largely Cuban component gravitated strongly toward Republicans, who shared the Cubans’ implacable hostility to Fidel Castro’s Communist regime and punished at the polls any politician who even thought about improving relations. The state’s growing economy and low-tax environment have also attracted younger transplants, mainly mid-range professionals from blue states, whose jobs may now be here but whose politics might be expected to lean left. How well equipped are our courts to handle sensitive conflicts? Articles by Paul du QuenoyView All. After coming through decisively for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, Florida went for Bill Clinton in 1996 and very nearly cost George W. Bush his election in 2000, when a Supreme Court ruling stopped a state-ordered recount and made him state (and national) victor by only 537 votes. Art March 2019 Exhibition note. Then there’s Florida’s all-important Hispanic vote. Taking Florida is essential for virtually any presidential contender, but especially for Republican candidates who must find a way to counterbalance Democrat electoral votes in unwinnable giants California and New York. A rival online petition collected more than four thousand signatures to vindicate Gilley’s scholarly reputation and called upon Rowman & Littlefield to apologize.