Terrakinesis Petra has the ability to manipulate earth and rock. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Starting out as a cadet in the Horde, Catra was soon promoted to the rank of Force Captain and eventually served as Hordak's second in command. ... Petra has no real powers or superhuman abilities but his intellect and his inventions. Darwin transformed Sway, Petra and himself into energy that was absorbed into Vulcan. Learn about your favorite Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was sent to live on the island and watch the event over and over for the rest of his life. She manipulated nearby caves to provide her with a safe and secure hiding place. These are superpowers that help create significant competitive advantage. They were able to finally beat the Brotherhood and Vulcan is viewed as the greatest hero ever. The person dealt with young people that had 'gifts' like hers. Later, she finds out Sabertooth was the attacker and telekinetically moved a tree to push him off of a mountain. Petra hasn't been added to a collection yet. Soon after her thirteenth birthday, a mysterious rock slide suddenly occurred, killing all except for Petra, who didn't have even a scratch. Muir-MacTaggert Research & Development Institute. Earth Element Control 3. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Powers. Character » Geokinesis: A geo-morph, Petra could psychokinetically manipulate different types of earth (rocks, sand, stone, lava, and dirt) for various purposes. She never understood why she didn't perish along with her family. She lived peacefully with her family until soon after her thirteenth birthday, when a deadly rockslide killed all of her family, leaving her the sole survivor. This visitor was Moira MacTaggert. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other She woke up in a holding cell, where she was told she had a visitor. Her mother, father, and brother emigrated from Denmark while her mother was pregnant with Petra. The original X-Men died. Petra Electric Super-C Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gallon Mist Blower with Extended Commercial Hose. 1 Biography 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 3 Trivia Petra was the first of her family to be born in the United States. I would highly recommend purchasing this Petra fogger! send you an email once approved. She was placed in a foster home, where her foster father acted strangely towards her. She had even heard stories about mutant hate crimes on television, and seen Sentinels flying on occasion. Especially being in the hotel industry during the pandemic. The team became the X-Men. After the invasion of the Galactic Horde, Catra briefly served as an agent of Horde Prime. She kept the diamonds small so as to not draw suspicion. Soon, she found a pawnbroker that would take them and then rented a motel room, happy to shower and sleep in a real bed for the first time in years. It operates through Services, Marine Assets, and Production and Development and Production segments. [2], Petra was resurrected thanks to the Five, and joined the new mutant nation of Krakoa. She is the deuteragonist and a former antagonist. Superhero Class The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Easy to use and makes our job much easier and safer. To survive, she panhandled and occasionally stole, but stayed away from drugs and prostitution. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. These included: Unidentified parents & older brother (deceased), unidentified foster parents. This could be another character all together, considering the greatly different backstory. Years later, Wolverine comes looking for answers and Petra attacks him, thinking he killed Maverick. These included: 1. The visitor turned out to be Moira MacTaggert. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Darwin was later extracted from Vulcan. All traits of a character are used for calculating the Classification. Paraphernalia Equipment: The Mark VI armour used during the Trigon War. Geokinesis 5. Discover their powers, weaknesses, abilities, & more! This power allows her to perform various feats including (but not limited to) turning coal into diamond, creating (or stopping) earthquakes and rockslides, and making the earth swallow up or trap enemies. She was eventually caught by the police, who had to taser her after she began using her powers. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Excellent machine. In Wolverine and The X-Men, a young girl appears as the daughter of Maverick. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Wolverine is sent on a mission to kill her father but when he doesn't, Weapon X sends Sabertooth. In order to avoid more foster homes and possible events such as this, she created temporary caves for her home and occasionally stole to survive. Often she wondered if she was responsible for her family's death--either causing it or not using her powers effectively enough to save them.[1]. Petra's heritage links her back to Denmark, but she was born in America. [1], She awoke in a holding cell. Around the age of 16, Petra learned she could turn coals into diamonds. [1], After some time with Dr. MacTaggert, her friend Professor Charles Xavier took Petra and the other children within the doctor's custody: Sway, Darwin, and Vulcan. Petra: Professor. It is possible that she has all the same powers as her father, Magneto, but thus far, Polaris has only displayed the ability to manipulate magnetic, electrical, and gravitational fields.