5 Reasons to Put a Fraternity or Sorority on Your Resume. Member of Tau Sigma Honor Society; Director of Fundraising (Aug 2017-May 2018) Member of Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society; Member of Chinese American Student Association; Elected to the Society of Phi Kappa Phi; Expected graduation date August 2018; Expected Cum Laude graduate Describe your career goals, past work experiences, and any other factors that will help you contribute to Pi Tau Sigma. After learning how to add Greek Life to your resume, you may be wondering why you should go through the trouble of doing it. National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) February 2017 Member Fayetteville, AR Spent hours in a community of like-minded, success-oriented individuals who came together to help one another succeed. Tau Beta Pi worth joining? Include your impressions (positive or negative) of Pi Tau Sigma, as well as one thing which can be improved in the organization. Im a BSN student and my school has provided some information on joining Sigma Theta Tau. Describe what made you want to initiate into Pi Tau Sigma. Pi Tau Sigma is an international Mechanical Engineering honors society. First and foremost, the Duke Pi Iota chapter of Pi Tau Sigma initiated 27 members this academic school year. We pride ourselves on being a constructive outlet for new initiates for both career and academic advice, as well as being a community composed of students with only the highest expectations for themselves. Naturally, I began researching it on AN. ... (membership for life) to have it on my resume, access to their job bank if I ever need it, and the ability to drop the fact that I am a TBP member whenever someone brings it up. Pi Tau Sigma Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mechanical Engineering Building 1206 W. Green St. In fact, there are many compelling reasons why putting a fraternity or sorority on your resume … Duke Pi Iota 2018-2019. I got an invitation from my local chapter, and it seems to be a legit thing. Submit your updated resume and two exams (preferably with solutions) from the ME curricula to [email protected] Pi Tau Sigma was founded to foster high ideals in the engineering profession, to stimulate and coordinate departmental activities, and to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members. Per older threads, it looks like it might be beneficial when you are first looking for a job because it looks nice on a resume. Please make sure all files are in pdf format.