The new PLANEX Easy is a perfect complement for you and your crew. The laborious installation and transportation of light sources is therefore also no longer necessary. Decide whether you need a manual or electric sander for your drywall work and keep some tips in mind when operating your sander. Check on Amazon. In the end, it’s what you expect from Festool – highly effective performance, outstanding dust collection, and ergonomics that will be tough to beat. As a drywall sander, the Festool Planex Easy is an excellent tool for the job. Drywall Sander; Drywall Sander. The PLANEX Drywall Sander has become a must-have for drywallers and contractors. why invest in this? It has a weight of only 8.8lb or 4 kg, as a result, it reduces your arms stress to work a long time without feeling any fatigue. The new PLANEX long-reach sander with LED light. The brushless motor without flexible shaft is maintenance-free and ensures optimum power transmission. The new generation PLANEX long-reach sander is revolutionising drywall construction – with LED light and eccentric movement. It doesn’t break down into as small a storage space as the original Planex and you miss out on a couple of features, but you save $460 to go the simpler route. The Festool Drywall Planex Sander is a completely new approach to drywall sanding. The soft pad set provides some extra cushion for the PLANEX sander, and is ideal for anything level 4 and above. This single-piece machine features easy plug-in and go design this is both easy to set up and easy to use. A sander is used to smooth out joint compound and other imperfections, giving your wall a polished, finished look. Simplify the drywall sanding experience with the Planex easy Drywall Sander. For drywall applications, it enables rooms to be prepared more easily and more quickly. Festool 571935 Drywall Sander LHS-E 225 EQ PLANEX Easy. The new PLANEX long-reach sander is set to revolutionise the sanding of walls and ceilings. With the modular design of the Planex that includes a pivotal head and adjustable sliding shaft, never again worry about climbing up on a pair of stilts to finish a sanding job. Drywall sanders are necessary tools when it comes to drywall installation. The all round LED light ring works like a built in grazing light and reveals any unevenness during sanding. The softer backing pad makes for less aggressive sanding action, and the stacked foam interface pads help to eliminate the threat of swirl marks. The PLANEX Soft Sanding Pad Set is recommended for most drywall finish sanding. The new Festool 571935 or more known as PLANEX Sander is well known for its maintenance-free lightweight design. The PLANEX easy long-reach sander: Maintenance-free, light and easy to use. For dry mortarless construction applications, it enables rooms to be prepared more easily and more quickly. The LED light ring surround highlights unevenness when sanding, thereby preventing the need for costly reworking. Intuitive controls combine with exceptional balance and low weight to make the task of drywall sanding easier than ever. The PLANEX easy has a longer service life than you have ever seen before. The new PLANEX easy long-reach sander is the lightest long-reach sander with direct drive on the market: maintenance-free, light and easy to use. The eccentric sanding motion produces outstanding surface quality – without any expensive reworking.