G&H loved them, they are crunchy and feel a bit naughty = perfect toddler food. Serves. 10 to 30 mins. Potatoes - rosti works very well with either waxy or starchy potatoes. I’m doing a great job fighting the Irish stereotype here. Delia's Bubble and Squeak Rösti recipe. less than 30 mins. A variation on potatoes. These little individual rösti are brilliant served with sausages or leftover cold turkey and … Bubble and squeak is a classic leftover recipe for greens, but making it rösti-style and adding some mature Cheddar adds a new dimension. They’d also made really impressive chunky canapes, topped with little pieces of salmon and dressing. Floury potatoes go a bit more fluffy inside (like mashed potato) whereas waxy goes soft but still holds those lovely strands. Potato rosti. 1. Simple but so effective. These little oven baked rosti, hash brown type things are really something special. The rosti is cooked in the oven at a high temperature, ensuring lovely crispy rosti. Recipe by: HighSpeedMum I still love it to this day. One of my favourite things to eat growing up was a big fried potato cake that my Mam used to make from left over mashed potato, onions and plenty of dried herbs. This is a super easy recipe requiring just two ingredients: potatoes and celeriac. Cooking time. Preparation time. When I don’t have leftover mash, this Potato and Onion Rosti … Loading. A tasty potato recipe suitable to accompany roasts or other meat meals. Serves 4. Both go crispy - waxy is probably a touch crispier.