That area is carpeted and tiled now. I don't remember seeing any complaints from the Van Gogh line! That truly isn't my intention. Does that mean it can be installed over laminate floors? So, back to my original question - Are your Karndean floors covered with scuff marks? Just what I wanted, dull, streaked and blotchy floors. Show me any real, hard evidence that what you’re saying is true. I can’t imagine what it would look like if there was a family in the house. Remember not every floor installer is a licensed professional, and just because they are licensed in general contracting, etc. There is no way we want to spend 10K on floors that will be damaged quickly. We chose to carpet the steps with a commercial grade carpet. There are very few flooring options that are worthy of calling 'generationally lasting'. I have one concern: Is there a safe pad to use under area rugs? If your on the hot side, you will still leave footprints but it's not like they stick around. The Karndean line boasts all the advantages of vinyl plank flooring in general. It did get a scratch on one plank during Christmas last year, but I took a dark brown sharpie and scribbled over the scratch and quickly wiped it off so only the scratch got the ink. With that price, however, comes tremendous durability and an impressive selection of colors, textures, and looks. A waste of money. That's one of the underlying issues of unsatisfied costumers, there are many more. Worked great! @Cynthia Cunningham, glad you asked! But at the end of the day you can ruin just as fast if not faster than all the cheaper products you find like vinyl and laminate. I’m having the same problem. Would NEVER use the karndean product again. The "mid-range" window (you need to upgrade/pay more money for each window) is roughly 75% UV blocking. They offer some of the best-quality LVP flooring on the market and by far the largest selection of stone and wood LVP flooring style choices. Karndean also recommends applying Karndean Refresh to floors once they are laid. It's simple stuff. Thanks! It seems to me that when people hear easy maintenance they forget to actually take precautions to keep your floor looking good and clean. Rep just came took a plank to send to lab.Sure that will be another 6 months of me complaining .NEVER NEVER use Karndean.In my experience its a waste of money and a lot of aggeravation. You've been unhappy with these floors for 4 years. We have had our Kardean planks now for 18 years. When removing these types of floors, a heat gun heats the planks to *much* higher than 100*F, and while they become more flexible, they will not melt. We also have two dogs and an 11 yr. old Grandson that lives with us. Some homeowners would say “no way,’ but Karndean’s customers are mostly happy. The vinyl itself warps - this becomes worse once the bond is broken to the plank below. We just purchased another condo, and will be installing Karndean Art Select Hickory Peppercorn throughout the main floor, kitchen, and basement rec. If you're floor is taking more time and causing more headaches than you signed up for, please contact me. But we needed to pay off the $10k loan and start saving to get new floors. the paper towel is always black. Very disappointed with this, we have the 5.5 mm click going into the living room, so hopefully that fairs better. I had Karndean flooring fitted throughout the downstairs in 2005 and was so happy I had the stairs, landing and study/bedroom done in 2007. That is a good thing in my opinion. And we have always asked for glue down and have been told to use glue down over floating for more peace of mind. Ugh! I was told by company 1/8 of a cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of water,use a cloth and scrub small area hard and then wipe with dry soft cloth.ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES.I am 77 and need knee replacement and my husband is 79. should never have taken it out. Loose Lay Reviews. In fact, Karndean is an established worldwide brand for some of the most demanding commercial flooring environments.