PRS launches an all-new series of affordable SE electros in an effort to offer something for everyone – and the no-nonsense SE T40E could be an electro for all seasons, as James Stevens reports… WhatsApp. Chris Vinnicombe. PRS SE T40E Review. Seasonal Acoustic Guitar Care Tips November 13, 2020 Inside Paul Reed Smith’s Home Studio: The Mic Collection November 10, 2020 PRS Product Series: The Breakdown October 2, 2020 PRS Employee Spotlight - Jordan Hoyt // X-Acto Knife Master and Serial Number Writer September 21, 2020 Image 2 of 2 (Image credit: Future / Neil Godwin) The primary difference between the two SE Hollowbody guitars is the wood used for the top and back. Let’s get started! There are no coil-splits as we see on many PRS guitars. We hope you enjoyed our PRS Guitars reviews and found it helpful once you’re attempting to choose which PRS guitar is ideal for you and exactly what the gaps between each series would be. The PRS SE Custom 24 is part of a more affordable series (that’d be the SE part) from the company, but you’d never know comparing them side by side. In this comprehensive PRS Guitars review and buyer’s guide, we’ll take a detailed look at 10 of the best PRS guitars available today. With a price difference of about $2500, you may be wondering exactly what the differences are. The 10 Best PRS Guitars. PRS Paul’s Guitar review. Previous Post Top 10 Best Bass For Slap Reviews in 2020 Next Post Top 10 Best Conga Drums Reviews in 2020 . Facebook . Under exclusive license for PRS Guitars.” Cor-Tek, for those unaware, is the official name of the Cort guitar company, with plants in Seoul, South Korea, China, and Indonesia. 29th September 2015. Twitter. Email. Paul Reed Smith’s name is on all of his guitars, but this one combines his favourite features. Telegram. The Standard uses a five-ply mahogany that you can see at the edges of the unbound f-holes. In a world of mass-made guitars, good quality control is a huge plus. Share. PRS guitars are world-renowned for their build quality and playability. We’ll cover PRS guitars for all different use cases, music preferences and price points to help you identify the exact PRS model that fits your specific needs as a player. Unlike an ES-335, the Hollowbody is exactly that; you won't find a center block here. LA Opera .