He thought that more players should be able to see and obtain the quality of the PRS guitars. SE Santana Singlecut Trem. The carved maple top is beautifully smooth and the body’s mahogany back keeps the … Another US feature are moon inlays (although they are not available on a USA Singlecut, it's either dots or birds) and where so many single-cut guitars in this price bracket go for a bound fingerboard this one is typically unbound: less complicated to make and better for it. SE Mark Holcomb SVN. Distinct bolt-on snap & response with USA-made quality. SE 245. Now in 2010, and with the current dire economic backdrop, the SE line is looking even more attractive. Impressed with their tone, Santana requested a set of those pickups without the coil taps, and from … Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Not only is this sample a perfect 8lb weight, it feels more delicate than the bruiser-like Singlecut or, indeed, the Les Paul. The third maple-topped SE so far, behind the SE Soapbar II Maple Top and the SE Custom, the SE Singlecut is the first SE to emulate PRS's fabled carved maple top. It definitely looks that way to someone watching you play it. PRS SE Singlecut Korina deals. The pickups are less powerful than the USA No 7s but it's a quality, lively, quite resonant rock tone. The SE One is a single cut design loaded with a lone P90 pickup in the bridge position. Show yourself and your gear some love with PRS parts, accessories, and apparel. The volume taper is smooth so reduced settings clean up the tone and the twin pickup mix, when used like this, creates a funky 'single-coil' sound - a good foil for the full volume blast of the 'buckers. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Read the PRS story; get factory tour details for your next visit, and check out our career opportunities. Please refresh the page and try again. Join the family today. There was a problem. As with all SEs, the neck carve approximates the USA wide-fat profile but it is slightly slimmer in depth and, like the overall body, feels more delicate than the USA carve. And now that the USA Singlecut is back in production another battle is about to happen in the lower market area thanks to the release of the Korean-made Singlecut SE. Sign up here to get product announcements, artist news, and more delivered straight to your inbox. The strap buttons are smaller, though still broad topped, and the output jack is mounted on a more generic football-style chromed metal plate. SE Zach Myers. Modelled after the workhorse gold leaf guitar that Carlos plays on stage, the SE version of this special instrument began when Santana heard the 2018 Paul’s Guitar TCI pickups. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? PRS Singlecut guitars have enjoyed incredibly popularity since rockers like Mark Tremonti picked them up. Show yourself and your gear some love with PRS parts, accessories, and apparel. Bath Light weight. The pinnacle of PRS design, materials, and execution. The PRS Singlecut SE guitars have a street price of around $600. The rounded heel replicates the USA model, as do the slight ribcage contour and generous rear edge radius. SE Baritone. CLA EchoSphere: Waves’ free Black Friday VST plugin is a slap delay and plate reverb from Chris Lord-Alge. Overall the feel is lightweight and ergonomic; a great stage guitar and versatile with it. Enter the SE series of PRS guitars. Such a cool guitar! The SE Santana Singlecut Trem pays tribute to Santana’s one-off gold leaf Private Stock PRS. The pickups, open-coiled humbuckers with just B (bridge) and N (neck) stamped on the baseplates, are the same as those fitted throughout the SE range. Who is the best online music tech personality of 2020? But rarely do the SEs receive much trumpet-blowing and, before we get to look at the main … beyond their price tag. The bridge pickup has strong mid-range grunt without over dominating the tone; the neck pickup is darker, smoother but still with a clear edge. It still captures a slightly 'V'-d section and feels very good, irrelevant of any comparison. All rights reserved. Check out our calendar of events then come out to meet PRS on the road. Signature Club is open to anyone with an interest in PRS. According to Paul Reed Smith, it was actually Carlos Santana’s idea to create the SE series. SE 277. Ask questions, show off your gear, or simply chat with fellow guitar fanatics. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I can vouch for that, as I owned one myself for many years. PRS and Gibson's legal dispute over the similarity of the PRS Singlecut to the iconic Gibson Les Paul has dominated guitar news over the last couple of years. Another major difference between this and the US model is the control layout that, unlike the Singlecut's four controls and shoulder-mounted toggle switch, goes for the standard PRS positioning and master volume (with treble bleed cap) and tone control configuration. BA1 1UA. SE Santana Singlecut Trem. Unlike the Kluson-style tuners of the USA-model, here we have the standard enclosed PRS logo'd tuners and nicely cut friction-reducing nut.