Hope wont repeat this. Protect Your PCs, Laptops, Mac, & Smartphones with Real-time Security against Web Based Attacks. If you are on network using SOCKS5/Firewall then please provide necessary authentication information in Settings of Quick Update. Description: Quick Heal is having Automatic Update feature. Free and easy upgrade to the Power of 3 with the new Quick Heal 2020 V19. If Virus database date is 3 days old then whenever we open Quick Heal software, dashboard of Quick Heal … - Turn Automatic Update ON. To keep the data safe and secured from hackers, virus, or malware, you have to update the antivirus application very often. Go to Start-> All Programs-> Quick Heal-> Click on Quick Update. Quick Heal is the best antivirus available in the market. Click on the Update Now button on your Quick Heal dashboard. Retry to update after some time or connect alternate internet connection if there is weak/slow internet connectivity. Change the default DNS by configuring active network connection settings (Run command ncpa.cpl to open network settings) and set it to open DNS i.e. To keep up with the changing times, cybersecurity needs to be robust and intelligent, so that they can adapt to the changing digital habits of today's customers. If Quick Heal software shows that Automatic Update is turned OFF, please follow the below steps to turn Automatic Update ON: 1.Open Quick Heal software => click Settings. Right click on the Quick Heal icon in the system tray, click on Update Now. Download Quick Heal Update. Had to suffer the loss of work for couple of days and was feeling helpless until I just clicked on Quick Heal update notification and realized its all because of QHL update on 14th and hopefully now it wont happen again. Due to its useful features and services like ‘External Drives & Devices’, ‘Scan’, ‘PC … I appreciate acceptance and correction honestly from Quick heal. If system is connected with internet connection then Quick heal downloads update automatically. and then retry to update. Go to Help-> About, click on Update Now. 2. Quick Heal is security software meant for a plethora of Operating Systems. The digital landscape of the world is changing rapidly. 2.If Automatic Update does not turn ON after following step number 1, please follow the below steps: Note: Users need not uninstall or reinstall their Quick Heal copy for applying the QHWin10Update.